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30 September 2017

Well hello Naturels <3

How's your month been so far? I hope it's been a great one!

So let's talk hair!

Over the years I'm tried different products from different brands, and even dabbled in a few homemade experiments. My family come from Ghana and Shea Butter has been something that has been used for years and years and years, not just on hair but also on skin. I've found when I have used my Shea Butter mixes in the past they have helped reduce frizz but have felt heavy on my tresses. So it's great to have a product line like GroHealthy's Shea and Coconut Range that make Shea based products that are effective without weighing down hair.

I must say that my favourite product from the GroHealthy Shea & Coconut Range is hands down the Flat Out Frizz Fighter! My signature protective style is having two big flat twists as it's so quick and easy to do and maintain. With the Flat Out Frizz fighter I can keep that style in for about 3 days at a time and it'll still look presentable as it helps reduce frizz. Also... the scent... love! It's not overwhelming at all which it what I look for in hair products.

Have you tried the Shea and Coconut GroHealthy range? If so what's your favourite product? If not, why don't you try out the range? It's light on your hair and moisturising!

Natalie @PursueInspire | Curls Au-Naturel

Essential Hair Tips For a Traveling Natural | Shernette Williams

25 September 2017

 This summer I journeyed with family to the beautiful island of Cuba. Since I didn't have time to throw my hair into a protective style, slightly panicking, I had to make sure I brought enough (and the right) products for my hair. We all know that salt water and chlorine can be super drying for naturally curly hair not to mention the fact that our hair already craves a bunch of moisture daily. That being said I managed to compile the perfect list that helped me protect my curls and keep them hydrated throughout the entire trip. 

So what do I recommend?...

1. Travel Sized Bottles; Super important for me to get since I wasn’t always able to find travel sized products, I started putting them in my own bottles which essentially saved me money from having to buy a travel set! Mainly used for my cleansers, deep conditioners, oils, and other hair/body products.

2. Detangling Spray; A big help for when my children and I were going to enter the water. We both sprayed Cantu Detangling Spray for kids throughout our curls until it was damp, finger-combed into hair so that when we went swimming our hair wasn't stripped of all its moisture.  I also made sure to reapply it every hour if we spent a long time in the water (kinda reminded me of sunblock, our hair needs protection too!). You can always make your own mixture of conditioner, oil, and water mix for the same results.

3. TONS of Conditioner; No brainer here, am I right? To save some money I decided to purchase Aussie Moist Conditioner. It was inexpensive (probably around $6.00), came with a more than a generous amount, and actually lasted weeks past the trip! Not normally what I would be using but it gave us amazing slip and conditioned really well.

4. Bobby Pins/Hair Ties/Headbands; For an obvious break from the wash and go! Always comes in handy for a quick bun, pin hairs out of your face, or any other protective styles.

5. Brushes/Wide Tooth Comb; If you don't finger detangle then don't forget the comb! You’ll definitely regret it and as for the brushes, you know your gotta slay that sleek look with perfect edges.

6. Satin Headwrap/Pillow Case; As if the sun, chlorine, and seawater aren't hard enough. Pack yourself your favourite satin case or scarf, no point in chaffing your hair more than it needs to be.

7. Favourite Styling Products; Personally I recommend a bit of everything! I can’t live without my favourite hair lotion, oil, cream or edge control! That in itself was enough for me to achieve any kind of style I wanted from a wash and go to braids.

That pretty much sums up all my essential needs for traveling with curly hair. Be sure to remember to leak proof and store everything in a properly sealed bag or you’ll have bigger problems than just your hair to deal with.

Whats a trip essential you need for your hair?

Where would you like to travel?
Share this with a curl friend who loves to travel!


19 September 2017

We all know when we are ill
We all know when we have a fever or a stomach bug
We know when our bodies are not acting right
We even keep track of symptoms for when we eventually go to the hospital because that’s what we have been taught
We learn that when we are not feeling well we go see the doctor and even for those of us who do not like hospitals we still look for remedies
We are aware of a cough, cold, and sore throat right down to the more severe illnesses
But how aware are we of our minds
How many of us know when our minds are ill
How many of us monitor our minds the way we do our bodies
And even for those of us who do realize something is wrong
How many of us speak up
How many of us can tell our friends and family we are going to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist
And I know you might be thinking, but the world has evolved we should be able to talk about mental health
Yes we might talk about it but not in the way we do our physical health
We talk about in a disconnect from ourselves
We see mental illnesses as extremes, we fail to realize that our mental health constitutes our thoughts, as such it can be derailed by little negative things we say to and feel about ourselves
Not forgetting that this negativity can come from people around us as well
As such we need to do better as individuals and as a society
Our mental health is just as important as our physical health and we have to start taking care of our minds the same way we do our bodies
So keep track of your everyday thoughts
What are your reactions to situations?
Are you plagued by negative thoughts constantly?
What are your responses to these negative thoughts?
Are you completely overwhelmed by them?
Do you believe them or are you able to respond positively to them?
These thought processes enable us decide if we need to seek professional help
And realizing we do does not necessarily mean we are mentally ill, it just means we need a little help getting our minds into a healthy state
And know that you seeing a Psychologist/Psychiatrist or any other mental health professional is not something you should be ashamed of, you are simply taking care of yourself which is good thing
So today let’s make an effort to do and be better
Let us strike a conversation about our mental health with our friends and family and let it be normal
Let us all start with ourselves and change our attitudes towards our mental health
So today, choose to speak up and seek help when you feel you need it and know that there is absolutely nothing wrong for doing so.
Please leave your thoughts in the comment section and let’s learn from each other as to how we can normalize conversations about our mental health
                                                                                                         Love, Neera.

5 Simple Daily Practices For A Happier You | Shernette Williams

18 September 2017

1. Wake Up Earlier To Treat Yourself

 Raise your hand if you’re someone who taps snooze on your alarm more than twice, jumping out of bed with a few minutes to leave, and end up feeling like a zombie all day. Well.. we all do it so force yourself up that first time and do something for YOU before you walk out the door. Whether that means having a hot drink, listening to some great songs, or even having a healthy breakfast will go a long way! They weren’t kidding when they say the early bird catches the worm.

2. Let The Little Things Go

 As the hard working determined people, life throws us daily challenges and let us admit they aren’t always easy. Sometimes we gotta take a deep breath, recalibrate, refocus, and carry on with our day. Just remember what holds you back is determined by what you allow; remember to make peace with the wrongs in order to make room for whats right.

3. Stop Idolizing Others

 The only one who lives your life is YOU. Tons of us are victims of social media envy; we tend to idolize the lives of other people through photos and don't realize the negative effects it has on our self-esteem. Take the time to unfollow those pages in replacement for ones about motivation and growth, not only will it lift your mood but you’ll start appreciating what you have and give you more time to go out there and get what you want!

4. Read Something New

 Of course, I’m going to start by saying find that novel you’ve always thought about? Well just go and read it! Not a bookworm? There are tons of articles out there to suit anyone's needs, learn to cook, DIY’s, and plenty more. Learn something new, who says reading has to be boring?!

5. Get Enough Rest

 Yeah, I said it. In order to feel your best every day you need to make sure you get enough rest. On average we need about 7-8 hours every night to feel reenergized. With enough sleep, your mind works better and you’ll be able to tackle those challenges like a pro. So give your body what it needs in order to flourish!

The options are endless! Share this with a friend who needs some tips and comment some of your favourite daily practices for inspiration. 

Author - Shernette Williams

Self-Reflection | Shinyere Davis

14 September 2017

Hello There!

As Autumn is approaching, I believe it is vital to focus on seasonal cleaning !

I'm not just referring to shampooing your carpets and reorganizing your closet, I'm talking about cleansing your mind, heart, and life.

I am a firm believer that when seasons change, we should reflect on ourselves, acknowledge our growth and make an action plan to healthily challenge our comfort zones.

When we prepare ourselves for change, it's important that we know what and who we need to reevaluate to ensure that we are living the most fulfilled and healthy life.

These are 3 ways to self reflect and prepare for seasonal cleaning and changes !

1. Find New Ways To Love Yourself

Are you hard on yourself about your physical flaws? Do you constantly critique the stretchmarks on your stomach? Do you wish you had a rounder butt? Do you walk around feeling self-conscious or frumpy? Well, listen up! Seasonal changes are about acknowledging how hard you are on yourself.

I want you to reflect on all the things you wish you could change about yourself. Whether it's longer hair, becoming more extroverted, or having better punctuality, I want you to be honest about what work you feel needs to be done in your life to live a more qualitative life.

Then, I want you to write it down.  Next, I want you to bring your list of flaws and shortcomings to the mirror.  Stare in that mirror, rip up that list, and tell yourself that you love everything about you! Flaws and all, self-acceptance and self-love is about appreciating every part of ourselves, good and bad.

Be honest about the areas in your life that need improvement, but be forgiving of your flaws.  Nurture yourself mentally and emotionally.  Find new ways to love yourself and I promise you will feel better from the inside, out.

2.  Evaluate Your Inner Circle

Whether it's the friend who is always critiquing you and shooting down your dreams, or the manipulative boyfriend who you are always catching in lies, let's take a deeper look at who you keep in your inner circle.

Do these people have similar ambition? Are they motivated? Do they have your best interest at heart? Are they around you for convenience or do they actually stimulate your growth, encourage your well-being, and reciprocate the goodness that you give them? If the answer is no, you already know what you gotta do!

As challenging as it may be to cut ties with someone you have an attachment to, understand that you need people in your life who you have a connection with.

In all relationships, there are ups and downs.  However, your inner peace and emotional health should not be compromised by others, no matter how long you've known them.

Self-reflect.  What does your inner circle say about you?

3. Create Goals.  Create Plans. 

What kind of life do you want to live? Who are you?  What brings joy into your spirit? How can you have more inner peace? What aspirations do you have?

Take some time alone to reflect on the things, people, and places that truly make you happy.  If you dream of being a world renowned photographer living on the West coast, how are you going to bring that vision to life?

Make a financial plan.  Make a career plan.  We all know everything doesn't go according to plan, but it is important that you have one.  Plans create direction.  They are the blueprints to successful ideas and practices.

Reflect on your plans of action and enjoy watching your dreams come true!

Author: Shinyere Davis
Instagram: @shinyeredavis

Happy Hair Days with Kariliss

11 September 2017

Attention all hair lovers,

 This product may be right for you! A couple of months ago Kariliss Canada had sent me their entire hair line to test out on my curls and to my surprise I found this to be a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. So I am here to share with you all of the products that were sent to me, what they do, what’s best about them, and how I incorporate them in my hair routine to achieve GORGEOUS curls. Grab a snack because this is going to be a well detailed review!

 First lets touch on a little bit of this company’s history..

 The founder is Amina Gerba is a fellow Canadian, originally from Cameroon, and extraordinary business women with a driving force that has brought her and the company great success. This company is known for its amazing reputation on creating quality products with NATURAL active ingredients sourced from Africa. They carefully take the time to fully research each products full potential before releasing it to the public. They don’t use any parabens, sulfates, silicones, or harsh chemicals. Not to mention their prime motive is to MOISTURIZE, NOURISH, and GROW healthy hair. An extra bonus is that every dollar made from purchases gets donated to humanitarian organizations!

Now on to the products..

  1. Moisturizing Shampoo - This stuff (like the entire line) seriously smells good. On first use I immediately noticed the lather, which is rare to find in shampoos with no sulfates, and upon rising my hair did not feel brittle or stripped of moisture. It was actually very hydrating!
  2. Nourishing Conditioner - Naturally I went in with this product right after washing. At first I went in using the normal amount of conditioner that I would use with my regular products, then I noticed that I needed to use more to achieve the desirable feel for my conditioning needs. All in all it works great with the shampoo, but if you’re looking for a SUPER moisturizing conditioner, you may need to double up on the amount used for this one.
  3. Fortifying Hair Mask - I generally use this once a week, to bi-weekly. The texture is smooth and thick enough for my personal curls and preferably used when I am cowashing. My hair reaped the benefits of the vitamins in this mask and left my hair extremely hydrated and soft!
  4. Leave-In Conditioner - This is one of my favourites! When I found that the conditioner wasn’t as hydrating as I pleased this topped it off 100%. Its extremely creamy and doesn't weigh down my curls, smells amazing, gave my hair maximum moisture which made up for the conditioner. Pretty much saying that if you use the shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in together you’ll achieve a great result with those three alone.
  5. Hair Pomade - For all my protective style lovers I found that it gave me pretty good hold for my texture and especially for my baby hairs. It doesn't dry, flake, or break my strands, and doesn't leave build up on my scalp. I use this on daily styles and even as a sealer on my wash and go’s! 
  6. Hair Growth Serum - For people who are sensitive to smell just know that the natural essential oils stand out in this one but typically wears out when your hair dries. This to me is always a good thing as it means that your hair is benefiting the maximum amount of nourishment from its ingredients. Over the last few weeks of using it I’ve found that my hair has grown significantly and my strands have gotten much stronger. By far my top favourite product from this whole line. I especially appreciate the applicator given in the bottle.

 To style my hair I normally use the leave-in, hair growth serum, and the pomade to create my own version of the L.O.C method thus achieving the amazing curls you see below.

 So now I ask, what is most important to you in a product/brand? Would you try this product? Have you already/what is your opinion and experience like? Leave a comment below and be sure to check them out on Instagram @karilisscanada.

Author - Shernette Williams



5 September 2017


5th September, 2017



You know those days when you are late for everything and nothing goes right?
Those days when it seems as though you are overdrive mode.
Those days when you are overly anxious
Or just those moments when everything feels too much and you feel like the world is caving in on you

If you’re having one of these days, first of all breathe!

Breathe in! Breathe out! And then breathe in some more
Your world may be crumbling, and yes, everything that could possibly go wrong is already going wrong
Truthfully, things may or may not get better
Either way, you have to slow down and clear your mind so you can move forward
First, distract yourself!
Focus on something else other than yourself or your fragmented day
Read a blog post, play a game, take your mind off your challenges and just breathe!
Trust me, you return with a clear head and a fresh perspective
Find someone to talk to. You know your circle. You’ll find who will listen.
Sharing your problem with another person will most likely help identify solutions
Finally, take time off to relax. Give yourself the rest you need. You deserve it!
Life can be overwhelming much more than you bargained for but you just need to press pause
Remind yourself of who you are and your strength
Take things one step at a time
You may not see immediate resolution in the storm, but the storm will pass, Eventually.
Till it does, remember to breathe!
 You Really Got This.
                                                                   Love, Neera

Instilling love for Natural Hair (for me and my children)| Shernette Williams

4 September 2017

As a mother of two children with mixed curly hair, I find that it's important for them to have a positive self-image and self-acceptance of themselves.

As a young girl, growing up, I had a hard time accepting my personal image specifically my curly, textured hair. I would always wonder why I didn't have the hair that all the other girls in school or women on commercials had. I wanted my hair to blow in the wind, run my fingers through it effortlessly, while instead to me it seemed I had bushy, untameable, unattractive hair. 

My mother had a hard time maintaining my curls as she had long straight hair. There were often times when I'd hear her complain about how difficult it was to keep up with it. I couldn't blame her as it was a new world for her to experience, none the less that amongst other things surrounding me lead me to believe my hair wasn't desirable. 

After years of growth, struggle, and learning to understand myself I then learned how important it was to accept and love my mane. Now that I have two beautiful children of my own with their unique hair I had to be conscious about the way they might feel about themselves. So in regards, to their curly hair, I've taken the time to help them embrace and understand the love for it. We've created a family bond over the love of our curls.

While their hair is different from mine and I am going through a learning process to better understand what works for them individually, I started involving them in the whole journey from a young age. We touch base on why we have the hair we have, what makes it so special, why it's important to love it and ourselves, and how to better care for it. 

I'll admit that they enjoy every last bit of it, which brings me joy to see them so actively involved and happy about their cultured roots. I have opened up a path of positivity in themselves that I didn't have when growing up and I feel a sense of fulfillment as a mother. In all, this is just the beginning and I am extremely excited to share more stories regarding their growth and love of the natural hair community.

How were your thoughts growing up about natural/black hair? What helped and what needed improvement? Let's start a thread in the comments sections below! 

Author - Shernette Williams 

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