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12 August 2018

Bet at a time in our lives we have all heard someone say "Stay in Your Lane" or "Mind your own business"; I hope you took no offense to these statements because all the person was saying is "Stay Focused". Whoa?! How can that be when they said so with an angry tone; Well if you stay in your lane and mind your business, you tend to get more done or achieved! Yes, you do. 
   We all need a little pick me up sometimes, but that pick me up is never in other person's personal life, when we tend to get jealous, hate and envy out of our lives we tend to be happier. Why do we get happier? Well when you stay focused you tend to appreciate what you have and  enjoy it more and not worry about what the other person is doing with their lives. Focusing on the other person's life tend to breed anger, hatred and jealousy in our heart and this takes us away from our focus. The Grass always looks greener on the other side until we take a much closer look at it. You are doing well, your body is perfect, the model doesn't look like how she does in those pictures, those celebrities you idolize; Yea they have "problems" too, so stay in your lane and tend to your grass. Breeding jealousy, anger, and hatred in your heart due to your focus on someone else's life will just make you miss important events in your own life; there is Time for everything, stay focused so you don't miss those life-changing moments. Stay Focused  Champ! Stay in Your Lane! 

Intermittent Fasting: Is This Non-Diet Right For ME?

9 August 2018

Hey Friends!

Hope all is going well since you last heard from me. So far we have covered toxic relationships and my natural hair journey. But today I want to talk about something completely different…. WEIGHT LOSS. I’m a mom of two, but after my daughter I found this weight harder to lose even with working out, it was like I was gaining muscle but still staying at a consistent 175 lbs. I thought when we moved to Tokyo it would be easier because they’re all thin right? Wrong… 6 months later, I walked past a mirror, unhappy that I was still 175 and starting to get sad and considering surgical options.

I did my research and found an option in Thailand, 1 here in Japan, 2 the DR and a few in the states… The problem with them all where the cost, see here in Japan the cost are outrageous because surgery for weight loss and enhancing your body is taboo, and every where else I would have to purchase a flight and stay in a recovery home (there was no way I was going to fly all the back fire just having that type of trauma to my body).

So, I sat and talked to my husband who was supportive of me either way, then I did my research. I told him I would put in the effort to lost the weight before making a rash decision such as surgery. I looked into several options, from being vegan to pescatarian, none of which were options for me because I did not want to give up certain things and I definitely DID NOT want to feel like I was on a diet. There I was, all out of options and losing hope that I would ever lose this stomach and extra weight.

I remembered hearing about intermittent fasting from my best friends husband, so I quickly pulled it up on my tablet and began my research and decided I wanted to give it a shot.

What is intermittent fasting and how does it work?

Intermittent fasting is a “eating pattern that cycles between periods of eating and fasting. It does not specify what foods can eat but rather when you should eat them. It is not a conventional “diet” but more accurately described as an eating pattern. Common fasting methods involve daily 16 hour fast or fasting for 24 hours twice per week.”

Now I choose to fast 16 hours a day, most of which I am sleeping so it is easy. You just have to find and maintain what works for you and your life, if you feel like this is something you want to do.

Benefits of intermittent fasting
1. Helps you to lose weight and belly fat.
2. Changes the functions of your hormones in a positive way
3. Studies have shown that it can reduce oxidative damage and inflammation.
4. Helps your digestion’s fully process meals.
5. Improves risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure, and high cholesterol
6. Intermittent fasting trigger your metabolism

I didn’t have to change what I was eating just how much. In order to achieve my goal weight, I needed to restrict my calorie intake, drink only water, coffee/tea, and sparkling water when I felt hungry and fast for 16 hours out of day.

The first week was hard because I followed a sample guide I found, which had me eating at  10am and stopping at 6pm, I was finding that I was still hungry, even after having a sparkling water. I fell off a few times during that week, and decided to change my approach. I knew I had a eight hour window, so week 2 I adjusted and began eating at noon and stopped eating at 8pm. That worked better for me.

I began tracking my weight on a bluetooth scale, which connects to my phone, tracking my calories on the UnderArmor MyFitness Pal app, and started noticing the pounds slowly going down. Here I am a month later and only doing yoga (not every day, I still fall off) I am down to 169.8 and that was as of Tuesday. Recently, I began to research a product called Teami Blend, and decided to purchase it, I have only been using it for a few days so I don’t want to say much about it. The tea is good even with nothing in it, that is all I will say about it today.

My routine is simple!

Now I have my Teami Blend tea in the morning (6 am), before that it was black coffee. Around 8 or 9 I have my first bottle of water (16.9 oz). At about 11, I start to get hungry so I have sparkling water and at 12 noon I can eat, usually this meal is heavy to break the fast and finish my last meal right before 8pm. I have set alarms to keep my on track, one for when it is time to eat and one when it is time to stop (this is to hold myself accountable).

Again, do what works for you…this just works for me and can be a helpful guide for you to follow!

Question? Let me know if you have tried this! Leave a comment below.

Always Meika_Tyree

Going Back to Basics | Anas Munira

Of late I've been finding it difficult to make time for my hair. I remember when I first went natural I had all the time, from washing my hair every week to deep conditioning biweekly and protein treatments every month. And I was the Queen of DIYs as in the only product you will see me buying was a conditioner. Now I have all the products and they lay there untouched. Mostly because I really can't seem to find the time. I've been so used to dedicating an entire day for my hair I can't seem to adjust now that I don't have the luxury.
But a girl still needs to care for her hair right?
I have found out that simplifying my hair regimen allows me to still care for my hair even when I'm busy and I am learning that my hair regimen doesn't need to be fixed. I make changes according to my schedule. For instance currently I'm unable to moisturize everyday so I properly moisturize my hair during the weekend and then if I'm able to I moisturize during the week to. I wash my hair once a month and switch between deep conditioning and protein treatment.
Sure my hair is not as healthy as when I first started but it's not damaged either. I am still figuring out ways of fitting my regimen in my schedule but through it all I'm learning that stripping it down to the basics definitely makes things easier.
                                           Love, Neera.


7 August 2018

Free Porn! Every 90's teenage boy's lottery winnings. Gone are the days of hurried but discreet magazine stash-aways from sudden mom arrivals, questionably long showers shut up with Playboys and the occasional stroke of luck mining into a late night porn marathon while the unsuspecting adult units are snoring away. Now Google's the pimp to finger-stroke and kids are having a field day biting into the not-so-forbidden-anymore fruit.

I stumbled upon a family friend's 11 year old  daughter, a few years back, purely by accident, educating her "lesser sex literate" friend about the biology ahem the philosophy of sex, a very descriptive, 11 year old accurate nonetheless hilarious account which would have had me in rivulets of convulsing laughter if it had hadn't raised my generous alarm and concern. The friend spent the next fifteen minutes grilling the girl on the mechanics of the mechanism in blunt, uncensored and bracing locution. Replicate the incident in 2018, the girls wouldn't entertain time digging deep into the best of their curious imaginations, they would whip out their smartphones, consult uncle Google who in turn would become their best buddy offering them step-by-step tutorials, helpful DIY tips, videographics, mentors and partners in crime. Alas, how the little 11 year old minds would sow the first seeds of corruption.

Lucky for us bigger folks, we've got a few tips to smother what could otherwise have been a viral, out of control, spindle of woven clutter.

Here, we go;

01) Have " the talk."

The branched out talk from the hated sex talk to the porn talk. Step out of the hypocritical approach to the subject, pretending porn is nonexistent and whooping the kid's ass catching him in action and step into the equalising approach, appreciating the kid's capability of reason, understanding and maturity,  acknowledging porn's prevailing and broaching the adversities of the consumption with intensity and all the more reason to not befriend it, could greatly even out needs of satisfying young interest.

02) Employ filters.

Disable access to adult sites on public and work WiFis and activate parental controls on the home Wi-fi system. Most routers come in with customizable firewalls which can be used to add-in filters on keywords, addresses and phrases. If the said firewalls are unavailable, there are a range of filtering software that can be installed across all your home devices that could filter mature content. Turn Safe Mode On, on all search engines and any other platforms the little ones hang out online at and click on the Family Safety Tools on the operating systems. Make a note to cover ALL devices in the house.

03) Swap private use of tech for public.

Bedroom laptops and TVs are so comfy but they are the acute commissaries to hoodwink parental eyes and should remain an earned privilege under controlled trust conditions in the due course.
Station internet browsing activities and accessible devices in the vicinity of the  grownups making it that much harder for them to give into temptation.

04) Check their browser history regularly.

Kids are à la mode creative and is more often than not, one step ahead of the "old people," coming up with original slang and twisted keywords to get around filters. A regular watch out issued over their browsing history picking up uncanny phrases and atypical words could perform a damper on their disguised attempts.

05) Mask traces of your phonographic consumption indigenously (well, if you are using.)

Example, example! You cannot straighten out young legs when yours are bowed 'cause they are bound to question your actions incase of an accidental findout, a situation which you'd much rather not confront. Your midnight activities should be kept tight under wraps, locked away in a Pandora's box until next time.

06) Review his private phone gallery.

Obscene content snake their way into innocence through closed social media circles and sharing amongst friends, a lot more than you would care to imagine. Eyeballing his gallery regularly can help you regulate his peer material and hence draw a stop to certain unnecessities.

07) Talk to other adults about doing the same.

Well, all your little plots and ploys could wash down the drain when the kiddies meet their friends from "free backgrounds," and take to "group-education" because their grownups are "just too caveman style." To avoid all the behind your back name calling and overriding your hard enforced discipline, get talking to the community at gatherings about the dangers lurking and your existing defence mechanism and the reasonable enough folks are sure to follow suit.

Alienating the 'mini-me's from porn isn't just at parental discretion, it's at the influence-point of all of us at large; outfitting a fatwa across it on our younger siblings, neices, nephews, kids of friends and coworkers, and just about any other kiddie you come across. It's an unofficial social authority to close away the minors and their senses off phonography; something we ought to take up on with vigor and zest.

A simple protective charm casted over your neighborhood is another child's mind encrypted.

Take up the challenge.

Leave your tips and thoughts down in the comments 👇👇👇

With all my love 💖,


5 August 2018

 "The angry Black Woman"; who is She? Do you ever look in the mirror as a beautiful Black Woman and wonder "Am I an angry Black Woman"?  Is she a stereotype or is she "Real"? Do you look at every Black female in your family, circle or on the streets and wonder is she angry? Well I do ask myself that question, and have a whole analysis in my head with myself.."This Black Queen look cheerful, Life might not have been fair but she is striding in confidence and she has her head held up high,  with all she might have been through she isn't bitter, she is still standing, so NO! SHE ISN'T ANGRY!!
   The stereotype of the Black Woman being angry I think it's of the biggest scams on this earth. The Black Woman since colonial times have been left to fend for herself and her children, and their black men since colonial have been 'programmed' to not have empathy or any soft spot for the Black woman and as such have been told anything outside the black woman is good for the black man. That lie that was embedded in the mind and heart of the black man, is still active and alive and is still being practised in today's society. Yes Black Love is still alive; but the Black woman is still labeled as crazy, insecure,ill-tempered, sassy, angry,emotional, and demanding. The Black woman has and will always be a 'powerhouse' and 'refuge' for the Black man and beyond.
   Black Men need to do better when it comes to Black Women, you don't have to marry one to show you love them, but you don't have to disrespect them or fuel the stereotype of them being angry! I personally wonder how those black men who boldly come out and disrespect black women feel when they go home and look in their black mothers' faces and tell them they love them. I wonder if there is a deep emotional pain that has been inflicted on them by a family member  is been transferred unto every black woman they see. Well, if that is the case, that is wrong on every level; you cannot put your myopic view of a situation on a broad issue and blam an entire race on it.  You barely hear other races bad-mouthing their women except Black men! Our Kings need to do  BETTER. 
     The Black woman has been under attack from when slavery started and still is, but I will tell my fellow Queens and sisters not to give up on the fight to eradicate the Angry Black Woman stereotype, because our day of victory is coming very soon. We are the most intelligent, smart, educated and beautiful race out there, ( you don't wanna argue with me on that). We set the pace for other races to follow, other natural given bodies are a Blessing, our lips are a Blessing and oh our skin, is iconic. My Beloved Black sista, you are not Angry; yes society has failed you, you have been betrayed and unprotected but you have to understand that your beauty and intelligence can never be contested and yes society will bend to please you very soon! You are not an angry black woman; you are A STRONG BLACK WOMAN. And there is nothing wrong with been strong and standing; loving  and protecting yourself even though this is foreign. You are LOVED! And you are an ICON!

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