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28 December 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope you're enjoying this season whether with friends, family or alone.
So, as you may have guessed from the second part of my name, I'm a Christmas baby-- I've just turned 20!
So here, I'm about spill the load of knowledge and little bit of wisdom I've gained in 7 years:

1) School ISN'T Life:
Don't get me wrong, education is important, and I believe whole-heartedly in making the most of it and working hard to achieve your full potential.
However, being a top grade student at 16 doesn't equate to success.
I realised this when, at 16, I noticed less academic friends had jobs whereas I did not.
Jobs provide money (which at that point in life was what I wanted) and ultimately is something that drives most people in the western world.
My advice is to work hard to fulfil your academic potential, because knowledge is power, and because a part of your destiny may only be achievable with a degree /high grades.
BUT! Do not sleep on yourself! Whatever your hobby or talent may be, be creative with it and practice. Don't spend all your time focused on academic acheivements- there is much more to life.
Take note of all the business owners and self employed people you know.. bloggers, photographers, musicians, sportsmen and traditional business owners too.

* Take this advice with a pinch of scotch bonnet

2) It's Okay To Let Go Of Friendships:
It's alright to allow the drifting to happen naturally. Some friendships will naturally die as you grow and glow through life. As you grow spiritually and mentally, some people's character may just not vibe with yours anymore. Besides that, even physical distance can cause friendship loss. As much as you're screaming 'squad' at 17, once you go to uni/work and you don't see those faces everyday, you'll realise which ones are there to stay.
My advice: Don't force the friendship to remain strong- you can't. You'll only end up putting pressure on something which is already dying and end up having awkward forced phone conversations when you'd rather be watching YouTube videos. Literally.

3) You Don't Need a Bae:
Stop it. In fact this learning point is rolling strong into my 20's with me. I won't be that annoying auntie that says teen relationships are nonsense because I don't believe that.
What I do believe is that a lot of girls and guys too feel a mad pressure to be with someone (especially during 'cuffing season' aka winter). Evaluate your reasoning. Why do you feel you need that? Feel lonely? Learn to love your own company. You're bored? Find a hobby and practice your talents. Any other reasons, slide into my DM's we can talk. LOL.
On a serious note, I don't believe in the idea of looking for bae; If it's going to happen (and it will at some point in life)- it will happen naturally and feel so good.
Honestly, it's exhausting looking for bae and doing a background check and full analysis of every person you encounter trying to see if they fit your desires.
And what exactly are your desires at 14? LOL- GIRL BYE.

4) No One Cares.
Honestly, truly. No one cares if you're trying, but they will once you start doing. I'm still learning this now. Less talk, more action.
I can't tell you the number of times I've suffered from anxiety or felt miserable simply because of my failure to put my lengthy talk into action.
Music, dancing, football, writing, designing..
Really, how hard is it to take that first step?

5) Like Yourself.
It is easy to say "love yourself", and to some extent, you probably already do. But do you actually like yourself? The way you think, the way you do things, the way you talk, the way you look.. the way you treat people?
You are so powerful and capable of changing things you dislike.
Things you can't change, you can't change. That's it, you actually can't. So, yeah. Stop thinking about it.

6) Do Stuff.
Do stuff and go to places. While you have less responsibilities, try new things. Not just for the sake of taking it up as a talent, but do things for the experience.

do not stay in your comfort zone
Do Not Stay In Your Comfort Zone
Do not stay in your comfort zone

Nothing grows there.

7) Grow Spiritually.
Life isn't just about the physical glow up.

If you believe in God, form a relationship with God.
If not, why not explore beliefs? Whatever you believe, grow and glow spiritually. It will build you up, honestly.

8) Be You
On that note, stay true to your beliefs. Be confident in who and what you are and don't be so easily swayed. Whether its whether you want to take part in something, beliefs regarding relationships, opportunities etc, be bold in your decisions.

Healthy and Moisturised | NATALIE PURSUE:INSPIRE

23 December 2016

I used to be obsessed with growing long hair to the point I'd get so discouraged within a few weeks if I didn't see 'sufficient' growth. To be honest I wasn't really seeing that growth because I wasn't really taking proper steps to looking after my hair.

Now my mind is not as focused on growth as it is maintaining healthy hair. Really and truly what's the point of growing your hair long with split ends etc, to have to cut it short anyway? One thing I have come to realise over the years is that moisture is so important for hair, especially for kinky/coily hair. Our hair can get so dry and brittle, something that leads to breakage.

What can we use on our hair to make sure our hair is getting enough moisture? Firstly, water! I cannot stress this enough. Ladies water is not our enemy. It's actually our best friend. Water prevents our hair from snapping easily and therefore helps to prevent breakage. Get a spray bottle and spritz your hair before. Also make sure you're drinking plenty of it too! After all, we are about 70% water!

Secondly, get yourself some hair products that promote healthy hair and that are moisture rich, especially those whose top ingredient is water like GroHealthy's Shea and Coconut Range. Grohealthy's products also include Shea for roots nourishment and scalp soothing, Coconut oil for extra moisture and shine and Omega 3 to rebuild, strengthen and protect hair from the inside out. Using a moisture rich conditioner after shampooing, like GroHealthy’s  Moisture Rich Conditioner, re-hydrates your hair both for extra strength and shine.

Lastly, for now, stay away from products that contain parabens, sulfates and colourants which can be damaging to hair. That's another great thing about GroHealthy. As well as not including the previous, there is no petrolatum, mineral oil or phthalates in any of its range.

Sulphates can be found in most shampoos as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which cleans the hair but can strip strands of their natural oils.  GroHealthy's Moisturising shampoo cleanses the hair and scalp without doing so.

Whether you're starting out or restarting your natural hair journey, make sure to include moisture in your hair regimen. It's essential to keep that mane healthy!

Natalie | @pursueinspire

Favourite Christmas Make Up Looks | Natalie PURSUE:INSPIRE

21 December 2016

The Christmas season signals the end of the year and also creates opportunities for us to see family members and friends we haven't seen for a while! Some of us ladies will take the opportunity to get dolled up and I thought I'd share some of my favourite make up looks for the holidays from some beauties on YouTube:





What are your favourite make up looks at the moment? Comment below and let us know!


Also I just wanted to say that in the midst of all the decorations, flashing lights, last minute shopping sprees, abundance of food... really take the time to enjoy Christmas. 

Enjoy your time with your loved ones. 

CHERISH each moment. 
Love, laugh and be jolly. 

Be thankful for your life and if you are a Christian make sure to remember what the birth of Jesus Christ means for the world.

Make sure also to spare a thought and pray for those who Christmas is a particularly hard time. People in situations of war and conflict, those who have lost loved ones, the homeless, broken and hurt families etc. If you're able to physically help, do so. Buy someone a hot meal. Speak words on encouragement to people. Take the first step and reconnect with a loved one you've fallen out with.

After all, it is the season of giving and family!

Have an amazing Christmas beauties!
Natalie @pursueinspire xxx

How To Save Money Going Natural | BOLU NOELLE

1 December 2016

Yes you are reading this correctly.
No, you do not need to go to Specsavers
And no, I am not crazy.

Going natural CAN save you money and it doesn't have to dip a hole in your shoe fund ;)
The mistake a lot of us make is becoming a product junkie.

Correct me if I'm wrong but it normally goes something like this:

-First you read a blog like this one or watch one YouTube video (or maybe 57) that ignites fire in your soul, and suddenly all you can think about is going out to the closest hair and beauty shop to collect at least 24 of the 30 products mentioned.

-So, naturally,  the next day, you go out with a pocket full of money and spend away going crazy on any product with the word natural on it.

-Then, you decide to try them all out at once, only to realise that many of them do not work for you. (Or you don't know how to use them yet). You become annoyed because now you have a cupboard full of hair products that you do not use. Not to mention you have essentially wasted a good percentage of your paycheck which could have gone towards that new handbag you like.
And now you think natural hair will always be expensive to maintain so you decide it's best to go back on the "creamy crack".

 Honeyyyy, it needn't be that way! Just follow a few simple rules and you will be whipping your kinks and curls everywhere!

The Commandments

1) Product Reviews

These can instantly help you to dismiss products that aren't likely to work for your hair. The best way to use product reviews is to watch those given by people who have your same hair type. If you are not familiar with the hair typing system, click here: Hair Type.
I have type 4 hair. I watch videos by females with all types of hair (even type 1), but I am selective of the information I apply to MY regimen.  There are girls who can do nothing and BAM, their hair grows fast. But for most of you reading this journal,  you have to show your hair a little more TLC.
Maybe also watch people with a similar lifestyle to your own if you can,  especially during periods such as pregnancy, where products and routines may change.

2) Natural Products

Okay, hear me out. Some products aimed at naturals aren't all natural, no surprise there. From conditioner to edge controls, there are chemicals and additives in many of your hair products, some less harmful than others. Not to worry, of course none of these are as detrimental as the creamy crack herself.

Reasons to use natural products
     •Inevitably, they are better for your hair. Unrefined extra virgin olive oil is better than Blue Magic Olive, which contains mineral oils, petroleum and all them devils.

     •Most of the time, they have multiple uses. Products such as natural Greek yoghurt,  mayonnaise, eggs, olive oil and coconut oil can be used on the hair, skin, nails, teeth (oil pulling) and in food! 

    •These are also more cost effective because you can use smaller amounts which will have longer effects, and so you won't have to restock as often. Also, if they don't work especially well on your hair,  you have tons of other uses, so nothing is wasted!

3) Don't Wait Till You're Desperate

Don't wait till the last minute in an awkward situation to restock, be prepared. If you are going on holiday to a place where you doubt you'll be able to find your staple products, plan before! No need to overspend because you didn't think ahead.

 P.S you get to save the $ you spend purchasing relaxer and paying the stylist! You're welcome.

That makes my three main tips. If you have any queries or extra tips, comment down below!

Peace & Afro love
 Bolu Noelle

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