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30 September 2017

Well hello Naturels <3

How's your month been so far? I hope it's been a great one!

So let's talk hair!

Over the years I'm tried different products from different brands, and even dabbled in a few homemade experiments. My family come from Ghana and Shea Butter has been something that has been used for years and years and years, not just on hair but also on skin. I've found when I have used my Shea Butter mixes in the past they have helped reduce frizz but have felt heavy on my tresses. So it's great to have a product line like GroHealthy's Shea and Coconut Range that make Shea based products that are effective without weighing down hair.

I must say that my favourite product from the GroHealthy Shea & Coconut Range is hands down the Flat Out Frizz Fighter! My signature protective style is having two big flat twists as it's so quick and easy to do and maintain. With the Flat Out Frizz fighter I can keep that style in for about 3 days at a time and it'll still look presentable as it helps reduce frizz. Also... the scent... love! It's not overwhelming at all which it what I look for in hair products.

Have you tried the Shea and Coconut GroHealthy range? If so what's your favourite product? If not, why don't you try out the range? It's light on your hair and moisturising!

Natalie @PursueInspire | Curls Au-Naturel

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