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30 November 2016

I normally like to keep my braids in for a month, (sometimes a bit longer), and have struggled at times to keep my hair looking fresh. Over the years I've come across some tips that have helped me to keep my hair in tact and still retain length:

When sleeping, use a satin scarf.

Cotton scarves rub against and tug on individual strands of hair. This can cause them to be pulled out of the braids, creating a frizzy look. Satin/smooth material glides over your hair, meaning it is not tugged and stays neater for longer. This same principal should be applied when it's just you and your mane as well.

Wear low manipulation hair styles.

The amazing thing about extensions is the rest it gives your hair. However it's probably also best to keep to one token hair style you can wear all week and leave other ones for weekends. Have you seen the white bulbs at the front of your hair after weeks or even a few days of wearing braids? Yup. Those are your hair roots. Sometimes the more we fiddle with our braids, the more we tug on our roots and they pull out, especially around the hairline.

Cream and oil!

Don't leave your hair to dry out during your protective styling season! Just like a plant it requires nutrients to stay strong and healthy. Continue to oil/treat your scalp. Make sure you're still moisturising your hair. Cream those braids girl!


This has come in very handy when I'm not quite ready to call it quits with my braids. I tend to wear my hair in a bun so when I redo a few rows at the front and back of my head, it looks brand new again! When rebraiding/braiding your hair, make sure it's not super tight. Tightening whilst braiding is another reason for roots to pop out and say hello!


Have you got any tips to keeping your braids neat for longer? Share them with us. It's important that as a community we share and try tips :)

Until next time!

Natalie | Pursue:Inspire

Wash n Go with GroHealthyUK| BOLU NOELLE

25 November 2016

So, if you're a consistent Naturel, you'll know I recently wrote a collab post reviewing the GroHealthyUK Shea and Coconut haircare line. Today, I'm explaining how I use the products when I'm wearing a wash n go!

I  use almost the entire line to style my hair, and it doesn't weigh down my strands at all.

I start off with the Sulfate-free Shampoo and Conditioner to cleanse and re-moisturise. You may want to use the Growth Oil as a prepoo to penetrate your hair making it soft, silky and strong. It's a very light and aromatic blend of amazing ingredients such as Jojoba oil and Shea butter. It doesn't weigh down your curls or make your hair greasy- it's just right!

Next, on 60% dry hair, I add the Frizz-Fighter and Curling Custard to bring lots of definition to my kinky curly hair. The Frizz-Fighter smooths strands while the Curling Custard pronounces your natural curl pattern. For wash n go's or low puffs, I really love adding definition to my curls.

The next step is to add some Shea and Coconut Growth Oil to lock in the moisture you get from these products. These products are super moisturising so you can skip the Leave In Conditioner!

That's it! Leave your hair to air-dry, and you're good to go!

You can add some GroHealthy Edge Control to get those edges laiddddd. It doesn't leave any nasty residue and it provides a non-drying medium hold

For my low puff, I simply add some EcoStyler gel to the perimeter of my hair and smooth hair into a puff using a soft bristle brush.

Hope this helps you lovelies
Love and peace,
Bolu Noelle

Hair Products I WOULDN'T Repurchase| BOLU NOELLE

23 November 2016

Just before I get into this I'll mention that my hair is type 4, medium to low porosity and of moderate thickness. Don't just go by Hair Type when looking for hair models to take advice from.  Porosity is actually more important in my opinion in regards to moisturising products. 

Here are a list of products I have purchased that have not cut it. I'll do my best to give suggestions of the type of hair it may work for but I can't be entirely sure. Enjoy!

*DISCLAIMER* Of course, this doesn't mean that all the product in the range or brand are not worth purchasing (just these)

1. Aunt Jackies Quench Leave In Conditioner. It slipped and slid everywhere and did not easily absorb into my hair or make it feel soft. Basically, my hair was left feeling slippery, not conditioned. This is due to my hair's porosity and maybe just the product's ingredients too.

 2. Tressemme Naturals Conditioner. Perhaps the biggest fail of all time considering the hype. I am aware that I bought it after a formula change though. Even the packaging changed; the original had a white lid. I used this in conjuction with other conditioners as it just wasn't potent enough alone. My strands didn't feel moisturised and I'd day it just felt like a soft shampoo. The price was good for the amount, but it just didn't work for me.

 3. African Pride Shea Butter Silky Edges. Did not leave my edges silky. Haha. It smells great and is likely to work a lot better for looser curl patterns, but it didn't hold my edges for even 7 seconds if I'm honest. Bought at a decent price, somewhere around £3

4. Doctor Miracles Curl Care Strong Hold Gel. I did not purchase this product. Instead, I received it as part of a curly hair gift box. It didn't hold my edges, it didn't sleek my bun. It did not. Perhaps it would be better with a satin scarf but the consistency is sticky, and I'm trying not to clog my hair all the time before wash day so its a no no from me. (Side note- Dr Miracles Edge Control will put some respeck on those edges thoughhh)

That's it! Those are product that I would flee from if you have hair like my own. LOL. 
I hope it helps. Please leave suggestions for other blog topics down below or on my instagram page.

Love and peace
Bolu Noelle


19 November 2016

Dropping temperatures, harsh conditions and reduced air moisture can be a problem for naturals that love to flaunt their wash and go’s in autumn and winter. I know it is particularly for me and the ends of my hair as they can become more brittle and dry, no matter how much I try to add moisture. Also it does help when it’s being constantly manipulated into various styles. Therefore it’s around this time of year I take the most advantage of at least one type of the following protective styles at a time:

C H U N K Y  F L A T  T W I S T S

This is really my go-to protective style all year round. Low manipulation, easy to do, and really good for stretching my hair.

B R A I D S / T W I S T S

I learned how to do my own hair in uni so I take a day out just to braid or twist, normally using Xpressions. Though it takes ages to do, they can last at least 2 months depending on how well I look after them. I make sure to apply oils and creams to my scalp and braids just so my hair doesn’t completely dry out.


I used to wear weaves but got annoyed and impatient with the removal process. The thing I really love about wigs is their versatility and convenience. If so inclined, I could wear a wig one day, and have my hair out the next. They also give me the opportunity to wash my hair properly with care as it’s not attached to my hair and I get to experiment with styles without chemically altering my hair’s structure.


I stumbled across a YouTube tutorial in my early natural days and have been using this style ever since. It keeps my ends hidden and can last a couple of days, meaning that I’m not constantly touching my hair.

H E A D  W R A P

Now this isn’t really a protective style as such but I love me my head wraps! I make sure not to wear them too much depending on the fabric used as ones like cotton can dry out your hair. It’s more for a lazy day or if I want to change up my look.

- x - 

What is your favourite protective style?
Do you have any tips on how to protect your hair in the colder months? Let us know by commenting below!

Natalie | @pursueinspire


9 November 2016

What is beauty?

The dictionary definition of beauty is this: a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

When I read this I automatically thought of the well known saying “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. If this definition holds true then everyone’s definition of beauty is slightly different. To some roses are the most beautiful flowers in the world but to others it may be lilies. To one person bees may be fluffy and cute, but to someone else the most hideous thing.

So can we reach a general consensus on what beauty looks like? I mean even in the media not every woman is considered beautiful, and with that said it seems like the beauty of women change with fashion seasons. One minute bushy eyebrows are the ‘it’ thing, the next it’s thin ones. Big full lips were once a feature that many black girls were ridiculed for, but now it’s something that some women crave to the point of using make up techniques to create a full illusion or get fillers. Are we conditioned by society and media to relate to beautiful in specific ways? Is kinky/curly hair beautiful or rather hair that is straight and wavy?

Also is beauty only something that lies on the surface or is it deeper? Does it rely on Mac or Urban Decay, or has it also got to do with personality? Could a physically beautiful person with the ugliest heart still be considered as beautiful? Can a person who is not physically blessed in relation to society be more beautiful because of their inner being?

I personally feel that everyone is beautiful in their own way and your personality has the potential to enhance or retract from your beauty. However one of the most beautiful aspects of a person is confidence in who they are and owning who they are as a person, flaws and all. We can always do things to alter our physical appearance but we need to spend more time making sure we are not just beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside.

Be beautiful!

Natalie | @pursueinspire

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