5 Simple Daily Practices For A Happier You | Shernette Williams

18 September 2017

1. Wake Up Earlier To Treat Yourself

 Raise your hand if you’re someone who taps snooze on your alarm more than twice, jumping out of bed with a few minutes to leave, and end up feeling like a zombie all day. Well.. we all do it so force yourself up that first time and do something for YOU before you walk out the door. Whether that means having a hot drink, listening to some great songs, or even having a healthy breakfast will go a long way! They weren’t kidding when they say the early bird catches the worm.

2. Let The Little Things Go

 As the hard working determined people, life throws us daily challenges and let us admit they aren’t always easy. Sometimes we gotta take a deep breath, recalibrate, refocus, and carry on with our day. Just remember what holds you back is determined by what you allow; remember to make peace with the wrongs in order to make room for whats right.

3. Stop Idolizing Others

 The only one who lives your life is YOU. Tons of us are victims of social media envy; we tend to idolize the lives of other people through photos and don't realize the negative effects it has on our self-esteem. Take the time to unfollow those pages in replacement for ones about motivation and growth, not only will it lift your mood but you’ll start appreciating what you have and give you more time to go out there and get what you want!

4. Read Something New

 Of course, I’m going to start by saying find that novel you’ve always thought about? Well just go and read it! Not a bookworm? There are tons of articles out there to suit anyone's needs, learn to cook, DIY’s, and plenty more. Learn something new, who says reading has to be boring?!

5. Get Enough Rest

 Yeah, I said it. In order to feel your best every day you need to make sure you get enough rest. On average we need about 7-8 hours every night to feel reenergized. With enough sleep, your mind works better and you’ll be able to tackle those challenges like a pro. So give your body what it needs in order to flourish!

The options are endless! Share this with a friend who needs some tips and comment some of your favourite daily practices for inspiration. 

Author - Shernette Williams


  1. Great food for thought there. I'll try working on each point you made but #1 might be hard for me, I'm not a morning person at all. Keep the posts coming I love your writing.

    1. Thank you! I can't promise that I'm on point with the first one either but I can assure you that when I am it makes a world of a difference. Thanks for reading xx


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