5 September 2017


5th September, 2017



You know those days when you are late for everything and nothing goes right?
Those days when it seems as though you are overdrive mode.
Those days when you are overly anxious
Or just those moments when everything feels too much and you feel like the world is caving in on you

If you’re having one of these days, first of all breathe!

Breathe in! Breathe out! And then breathe in some more
Your world may be crumbling, and yes, everything that could possibly go wrong is already going wrong
Truthfully, things may or may not get better
Either way, you have to slow down and clear your mind so you can move forward
First, distract yourself!
Focus on something else other than yourself or your fragmented day
Read a blog post, play a game, take your mind off your challenges and just breathe!
Trust me, you return with a clear head and a fresh perspective
Find someone to talk to. You know your circle. You’ll find who will listen.
Sharing your problem with another person will most likely help identify solutions
Finally, take time off to relax. Give yourself the rest you need. You deserve it!
Life can be overwhelming much more than you bargained for but you just need to press pause
Remind yourself of who you are and your strength
Take things one step at a time
You may not see immediate resolution in the storm, but the storm will pass, Eventually.
Till it does, remember to breathe!
 You Really Got This.
                                                                   Love, Neera

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