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11 September 2017

Attention all hair lovers,

 This product may be right for you! A couple of months ago Kariliss Canada had sent me their entire hair line to test out on my curls and to my surprise I found this to be a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. So I am here to share with you all of the products that were sent to me, what they do, what’s best about them, and how I incorporate them in my hair routine to achieve GORGEOUS curls. Grab a snack because this is going to be a well detailed review!

 First lets touch on a little bit of this company’s history..

 The founder is Amina Gerba is a fellow Canadian, originally from Cameroon, and extraordinary business women with a driving force that has brought her and the company great success. This company is known for its amazing reputation on creating quality products with NATURAL active ingredients sourced from Africa. They carefully take the time to fully research each products full potential before releasing it to the public. They don’t use any parabens, sulfates, silicones, or harsh chemicals. Not to mention their prime motive is to MOISTURIZE, NOURISH, and GROW healthy hair. An extra bonus is that every dollar made from purchases gets donated to humanitarian organizations!

Now on to the products..

  1. Moisturizing Shampoo - This stuff (like the entire line) seriously smells good. On first use I immediately noticed the lather, which is rare to find in shampoos with no sulfates, and upon rising my hair did not feel brittle or stripped of moisture. It was actually very hydrating!
  2. Nourishing Conditioner - Naturally I went in with this product right after washing. At first I went in using the normal amount of conditioner that I would use with my regular products, then I noticed that I needed to use more to achieve the desirable feel for my conditioning needs. All in all it works great with the shampoo, but if you’re looking for a SUPER moisturizing conditioner, you may need to double up on the amount used for this one.
  3. Fortifying Hair Mask - I generally use this once a week, to bi-weekly. The texture is smooth and thick enough for my personal curls and preferably used when I am cowashing. My hair reaped the benefits of the vitamins in this mask and left my hair extremely hydrated and soft!
  4. Leave-In Conditioner - This is one of my favourites! When I found that the conditioner wasn’t as hydrating as I pleased this topped it off 100%. Its extremely creamy and doesn't weigh down my curls, smells amazing, gave my hair maximum moisture which made up for the conditioner. Pretty much saying that if you use the shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in together you’ll achieve a great result with those three alone.
  5. Hair Pomade - For all my protective style lovers I found that it gave me pretty good hold for my texture and especially for my baby hairs. It doesn't dry, flake, or break my strands, and doesn't leave build up on my scalp. I use this on daily styles and even as a sealer on my wash and go’s! 
  6. Hair Growth Serum - For people who are sensitive to smell just know that the natural essential oils stand out in this one but typically wears out when your hair dries. This to me is always a good thing as it means that your hair is benefiting the maximum amount of nourishment from its ingredients. Over the last few weeks of using it I’ve found that my hair has grown significantly and my strands have gotten much stronger. By far my top favourite product from this whole line. I especially appreciate the applicator given in the bottle.

 To style my hair I normally use the leave-in, hair growth serum, and the pomade to create my own version of the L.O.C method thus achieving the amazing curls you see below.

 So now I ask, what is most important to you in a product/brand? Would you try this product? Have you already/what is your opinion and experience like? Leave a comment below and be sure to check them out on Instagram @karilisscanada.

Author - Shernette Williams


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