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25 September 2017

 This summer I journeyed with family to the beautiful island of Cuba. Since I didn't have time to throw my hair into a protective style, slightly panicking, I had to make sure I brought enough (and the right) products for my hair. We all know that salt water and chlorine can be super drying for naturally curly hair not to mention the fact that our hair already craves a bunch of moisture daily. That being said I managed to compile the perfect list that helped me protect my curls and keep them hydrated throughout the entire trip. 

So what do I recommend?...

1. Travel Sized Bottles; Super important for me to get since I wasn’t always able to find travel sized products, I started putting them in my own bottles which essentially saved me money from having to buy a travel set! Mainly used for my cleansers, deep conditioners, oils, and other hair/body products.

2. Detangling Spray; A big help for when my children and I were going to enter the water. We both sprayed Cantu Detangling Spray for kids throughout our curls until it was damp, finger-combed into hair so that when we went swimming our hair wasn't stripped of all its moisture.  I also made sure to reapply it every hour if we spent a long time in the water (kinda reminded me of sunblock, our hair needs protection too!). You can always make your own mixture of conditioner, oil, and water mix for the same results.

3. TONS of Conditioner; No brainer here, am I right? To save some money I decided to purchase Aussie Moist Conditioner. It was inexpensive (probably around $6.00), came with a more than a generous amount, and actually lasted weeks past the trip! Not normally what I would be using but it gave us amazing slip and conditioned really well.

4. Bobby Pins/Hair Ties/Headbands; For an obvious break from the wash and go! Always comes in handy for a quick bun, pin hairs out of your face, or any other protective styles.

5. Brushes/Wide Tooth Comb; If you don't finger detangle then don't forget the comb! You’ll definitely regret it and as for the brushes, you know your gotta slay that sleek look with perfect edges.

6. Satin Headwrap/Pillow Case; As if the sun, chlorine, and seawater aren't hard enough. Pack yourself your favourite satin case or scarf, no point in chaffing your hair more than it needs to be.

7. Favourite Styling Products; Personally I recommend a bit of everything! I can’t live without my favourite hair lotion, oil, cream or edge control! That in itself was enough for me to achieve any kind of style I wanted from a wash and go to braids.

That pretty much sums up all my essential needs for traveling with curly hair. Be sure to remember to leak proof and store everything in a properly sealed bag or you’ll have bigger problems than just your hair to deal with.

Whats a trip essential you need for your hair?

Where would you like to travel?
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