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29 July 2016

So if you follow me on Instagram/Snapchat (@BoluNoelle), you'll know I took part in a video shoot for a spoken word piece on natural hair. This was a word written by artist Mina West. I have included a link for you to watch. Every word speaks volumes.
Find more of her amazing pieces on her Youtube!
Here is a little Behind The Scenes of the day as well as an interview of the talented poet.
-Introduce yourself
I'm Mina West, and I'm a spoken word poet from North London :)
-Tell us a bit about your poetry/spoken word and natural hair background
I love the art of spoken word, I started writing poetry a couple years ago - but have only started taking it seriously within the last year. Spoken word is like my mini therapy sesh - it allows me to release thoughts in a creative way.
As for my natural hair background, well I've been natural for about 4 years now. I turned natural after watching 400 Years Without a Comb, check it out - very old documentary but it opened my eyes to a lot.
What experiences inspired you to write this spoken word?
Being natural, I often get people commenting on my hair, majority positive which is nice to know :). But I also have people who then respond with, "but I could never do it" - or guys who say "natural hair doesn't suit everybody". This is a sad way of thinking - but if I'm honest I completely understand because I used to think this way too. And it just had me thinking, what brain conditioning had I grown up in, that allow me to think my natural hair was not right for me? I know a lot of people who feel this way and I wrote this piece hoping my story will help someone else.
What were your plans for this piece?
I love spoken word and I love my natural hair ... about time I put it together in some way :)
WATCH HERE! (See if you can spot me)
Directed and filmed by Darryl Daniel @director_darryldaniel
Photographer 1: @cheekomedia
Photographer 2: @zek.snaps
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What inspires your topic choices?
Life inspires topic choices - people are forever evolving, poetry helps me document different stages of my life.
Will you be doing any more pieces on natural hair/self empowerment?
Honestly, I'll write whatever inspires me at the time, self empowerment is a subject that I am passionate about and hair is linked to that - so it's always a possibility.
How can we support you?
Sites like Curls Aunaturel - already do an amazing job in changing the perception of afro hair. If it wasn't for the movement of bloggers educating people how can they look after their hair - I probably would still be on the creamy crack. When it comes to support I just ask that you share to who you feel will benefit x

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