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30 December 2017


Granted. After the taking the plunge and going for “the big chop.” When your cute buzz cut begins to enter that “awkward stage” you need a product that is going to cater to your styling needs, as well as your health needs. The GroHealthy range does both! So whether you are planning to rock your growing mane or use protective styles which are necessary in these winter months, GroHealthy is the perfect product for you!

Now of course this wonderful range of products is not going to get your hair from Lupita to Solange. However, it will help give the right nutrients, to help nourish your scalp for a long period of time, even if the harsh winter wind is doing everything it can to dry it out. The next step to getting the natural mane of your dreams is IN YOUR HANDS…literally.

So let me take you through my 3 top tips to grow healthy hair with GRO HEALTHY UK.

1.    PROTECTIVE STYLING IS A MUST. If your hair could talk, it would be screaming all kinds of profanity every time you left the house. The winter is unforgiving when it comes to our kinks, curls and coils. So ladies, arm yourself up with a protective style of your choice (braids, twists, weaves, wigs etc.) T

THEN keep your natural hair UNDERNEATH your braids or your weave MOISTURISED. Do not become lazy and forget that your hair still exists underneath it all. Although your chosen style, may do a part in protecting your hair, by helping it not break by drying out in the winter breeze…if you do not moisturise your hair it will end up drying out and breaking off anyway.

SHEA & COCONUT OIL is perfect. As long as your focus on your scalp, making sure at to keep that area nourished with components s such as Omega 3 to make sure your roots remain strong and ‘new growth’ is not left to break off, this product from the GroHealthy UK does a perfect job of locking in moisture even underneath your protective styles.

2.    SILK SCARF, SILK BONNET, SILK PILLOW. Any one will do but make sure it’s silk. For those 8 hours that you are resting your pretty head to charge up for the next day of twirling on your haters and generally winning in life, what’s not winning is tangled, dried out, breaking hair. The texture of our cotton pillows sucks out all that Shea Butter and all that Coconut Oil that you have taken time to put into your hair, to ensure healthy growth. Using silk to cover your hair, protects your hair from those cotton demons draining your perfected hair routine and avoids the pain of detangling your hair the next morning.

SHEA & COCONUT LEAVE IN CONDITIONER is fantastic to put on before you go to sleep, before you lay down your satin scarf. The combination of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Omega 3 penetrate the scalp, giving it the ability to nourish from the new growth that is yet to come as well as the tip of your hair (which is prone to drying out breaking.) Once again you are reinforcing the stimulation of healthy hair growth by giving time for your hair to really soak in all the moisture necessary for it grow.

3.    CLEAN HAIR = HEALTHY HAIR.  True – kinky, coily and curly hair does not get as dirty as other hair types. HOWEVER, this does not mean that you have to go up to as long as a fortnight without washing your hair. Think of the amount of products that you use on your tresses every three days…you do realise that builds up…you do realise that soon turns into dirt…you do realise that dirt is BAD for your hair. Dirty hair does not equal to healthy hair, it equals to a clogged up scalp and greasy hair, which does nothing to maintain healthy hair.

So ladies, the remedy to this is SHEA & COCONUT MOISTURISING SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER. These two are great, they really are. Moisture ladies is key in your wash day process. As well as ensuring that ALL of the dirt in your hair is washed out, these particular products the healthy growth of your hair. This is the absolute essential to healthy hair because dry hair = breakage = no results. And you are definitely looking for results.

Well my readers, I hope you like my top three tips to grow healthy hair with GroHealthy UK. 

Did I mention that their products smell like a natural hair paradise…?

Love from your Girl,

Chelsea Mtada.

Curly High Bun with GroHealthy Shea & Coconut | Eleanor J'adore

30 November 2017

Hi Everyone
Today I'm going to show you I create this fabulous full curly bun with GroHealthy's Shea & Coconut range of hair products.
I started off by washing my hair with the Moisturizing Shampoo and followed up by conditioning with the Moisture Rich Conditioner. After that I briefly blotted by ends dry with a cotton t-shirt and proceeded to style my hair.

Leave-in Conditioner

With my hair mostly wet, and divided into two sections I started by applying a big dollop of leave-in conditioner to each side. I smoothed the product in thoroughly to ensure that each strand is coated. Leave-in conditioner is the most important step in the styling process for me so ensure that I take my time.

Curling Custard

I love a good curling custard and this one is just perfect for defining my curls. Again, I used a big dollop in each hand and smoothed it into my strands. Just look at the shine and definition in my curls.

Flat Out Frizz Fighter

This products is supposed to tame flyaways and the packaging says that you should use it on dry hair. However I found it quite useful using it on wet hair. I simply smoothed it over the top of my hair and didn't concentrate so much on the rest. My aim here was just to minimise frizz while diffusing my curls.

Shea & Coconut Oil

I used the oil mostly on my ends  to seal in all the moisture as they've been feeling extra dry lately. And I made sure to scrunch in quite a generous amount.

Smooth Edges

After diffusing my hair I moved on to the edge control gel. Since I wanted to do a high bun, I took a bit of the gel and applied it all along my hairline and smoothed it down with my fingers. After that I took my hair tie, and tied a very loose bun at the top of my head. I tucked in a few stray hairs and styled my fringe until I was happy with the way it looked.

The Final Look

This is the final look.
What do you think? Is this a style that you would re-create using GroHealthy Shea & Coconut?
By Eleanor J'adore



31 October 2017

People don’t get my “obsession” with my natural hair, so when they ask me “will you perm your hair eventually?” and I say never ,they give me the "why the hell not" look

Or when they ask why I “Pamper” my hair so much and I say because it is my hair, they give me the "you are crazy" look

So today let’s talk about what natural hair means to me

We all have different reasons for going natural and when we are finally natural, we all have different relationships with our hair

Personally I take care of my hair as if it were a baby, I try my possible best to give it the attention it needs and yes, I feel guilty when I neglect my hair due to life happenings

So I am “Obsessed” with my hair

I am Obsessed with my natural hair because it is mine, period!

Like everything else it comes from me unadulterated, with its kinks and coils, supposed hardness and unmanageability

I’m obsessed with my natural hair because it has taught me to love myself unapologetically and without conditions

I don’t love it because it’s in vogue or because it is the new norm

I love it because it has taught me to stand for something

It has taught me to believe in something

It has taught me that yes something this amazing comes from me

It has taught me the importance of taking care of me

I’ve learnt to take care of it, nourish it and be attentive to it

Which has made me learn to do so for the rest of me because, if I can do this for a part of me then the rest of me deserves love too

My natural hair defies standards

It defies norms

Hell, it even defies gravity

So I’m learning to defy standards too

I’m learning to break norms too and I’m learning to defy gravity because once I get up, I am not willing to come back down

My natural hair is not unmanageable

It is not only nice when it has a certain shape or when it is curled

My natural hair is beautiful because it can be curly, straight and coily all in one space

It can be whatever it wants to be

And so I’m learning to be whatever I want to be too

It has been deemed impossible, so yea, I’m achieving the impossible

I’m obsessed with my natural hair because if something made you love every inch of yourself without question, wouldn’t you be obsessed with it too?

Wouldn’t you want to care for it?

Wouldn’t you want to listen to its needs and provide them

And wouldn’t you just want the whole world to know how amazing it is.

                                                                                                                Love, Neera.

GroHealthyUK Shea and Coconut Review| BOLU NOELLE

30 October 2017


SO, this weekend, I attended an amazing brunch with GroHealthyUK hosted by FroGirlGinny.
I was invited by the gorgeous Justine who runs social media pages and marketing for the brand.
We sipped tea, talked relationships and had a mini photoshoot, and at the end, I was gifted their amazing Shea and Coconut range.

I was so excited to try the range that I used their Leave In and Smooth Edge edge control that same night.

The leave in instantly nourishes strands-even for my medium to low porosity hair! And the edge control! It's always a task to find an edge control that doesn't dry out your edges, leave flakes and that actually controls your edges right? Well I've done it!
This is the real MVP. It slick down my edges leaving them conditioned at the same time, which frankly I thought was impossible. Soft sleek edges are possible with Gro Healthy.

I also used the Curling Custard and was pleasantly surprised to find that it worked in a number of seconds and had an incredible hold that lasted overnight and beyond. For my coarser hair texture, this can be hard to find, and I am so pleased.

The Shea and Coconut oil is a blend of Shea Butter with Jojoba, Coconut, Argan, Avocado and Olive oils. Its such a smooth and light blend which doesn't leave your hair greasy or weighed down. It can be used in tiny amounts to nourish your strands. It can also be used when bae gives you a scalp massage!

Another thing I love about the brand is that, as the name says, all the ingredients in their products are clean and help the hair to really grow healthy.

Coconut, tropics, holidays, love..

All I can say is that when you have big bold hair, its great when it can smell as great as it looks.

So I give this range the thumbs up! It's affordable, the ingredients are great and it actually works!

Hope this helps!
Bolu Noelle


17 October 2017

You are Enough
We’ve all felt incomplete at some point in our lives
We have felt like we didn’t fit according to someone else’s standard
Scratch that we have been told we don’t fit
We were either too dark or not fair enough
Too big or not skinny enough
Too loud or too quiet
Too opinionated or too timid
We are constantly being moulded into some sort of perfection and when we do not achieve it we feel like there is something wrong with us
That there is something in us that need to be fixed because why we don’t we fit
Why don’t we look like what they say is pretty
There must be something wrong with us
Well I’m here to tell you
There is nothing wrong with you
Your brokenness is perfect
Your complexion is perfect
Your sassiness is perfect
Whatever you are is perfect
You are beautiful just as you are
You are amazing with your flaws and your imperfections
Please know this and please believe it because no matter how much you change you will never be perfect for them
Once you begin to make changes according to some standard set by others
There will always be something to change
When you fix your size, your face will be a problem
When you fix your face, your skin colour will be a problem
And when you fix that, your attitude is the problem
There will always be something to fix because they want perfection and you are not meant to be perfect
You are meant to be beautifully flawed
You are meant to exude beauty in your imperfection
What they see as broken is what makes you unique
And your uniqueness is your power
Be you according to what you want
Be you according to what you think
Be your own kind of perfect
Be whatever you want to be but please do it because that is what you want and not what somebody tells you is beautiful or is the norm or is acceptable
You are Enough As You Are.
                                                                                                   Love, Neera.


3 October 2017

So Body Shaming,
Coming from Ghana where talking about a person’s body size or weight is done without thought or care for the person’s feelings, Body Shaming really isn’t a “thing”.
Calling someone fat or skinny is merely describing them, When it is done in a teasing manner you are simply encouraging them to lose weight or add more flesh. Yep you just can’t win in this war of the perfect body size.
But I digress,
This post is to draw attention to what you do to a person when you body shame them.
We need to understand what it does to a person, to their confidence, their self-esteem and their psyche.
You are probably wondering how your “little” comment is having such a huge effect but the thing is aside the fact that it is just rude and insensitive you do not know what someone may be going through at the time of your comment.
You do not know how the person is feeling, they might be battling insecurities or trying to be more confident and your comment just might send them spiralling .
Understand that your comments tear at something deep inside of a person, each time you say something negative about a person, a little part of them falls off until gradually the person feels worthless, unattractive and undeserving of love.
And even though we are responsible for how others affect us, as humans we are fragile beings so if for the most part of your life you have felt like you are not beautiful enough, too skinny, not skinny enough or that you just don’t fit some standard of beauty.
Then yes, someone’s “little” comment can drive your deeper down the self-loathing hole.  
Please understand this and know it is never a good thing to make people feel bad about themselves even if body shaming is not a “thing” where you come from.
And if you do not have anything nice or positive to tell someone when you meet them please be silent and leave them be
Let us all strive to uplift one another and Love ourselves most of all because only then can we love those around us.
                                                                                                             Love, Neera.

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