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30 January 2018

I recently had the opportunity to use the shea and coconut line from Grohealthy and I must say I am absolutely in love with the products. First of all the smell is amazing and that delicious combination of shea butter and coconut oil is what hits you when you first open their products.

I started off with the moisturizing shampoo which really lathers easily. I like that I didn’t have to use a lot of product to get that squeaky clean feel however I was a little disappointed as for a moisturizing shampoo it left my hair feeling dry. I would recommend a prepoo before use. I then followed with the moisture rich conditioner which stayed true to its name and left my hair feeling very soft and moisturized.

The leave-in conditioner melts easily into your hair which I love and it definitely continues the moisturizing process. I followed it with the shea and coconut oil which really locks in the moisture without giving your hair that greasy feel. I especially love how the oil easily smoothens down your hair.I then twisted my hair with the curling custard which gave me really defined twists. 

The flat out frizz fighter is amazing for when you want to smooth down flyaways and keep your hair frizz free. Lastly the edge gel really does keep your edges laid and does not leave them flaky or dry. I must say I did enjoy using this line and I hope you give them a try. Do let me know how it goes in the comment section .

GroHealthy Shea & Coconut Product Review

1 January 2018

I recently had the opportunity to try the entire range of products from GroHealthy, specifically their Shea & Coconut line with Omega 3. Right from the onset, I was quite excited as coconut oil is probably my favourite product for my hair anyway, and the benefits of shea butter are untold, so to say that I was looking forward to trying out this range is quite an understatement.
But here are the main ingredient benefits according to GroHealthy:
       Coconut - moisturises, adds shine, and helps promote growth.
       Shea - nourishes roots, soothes scalp.
       Omega 3 - helps rebuild,strenghthen and protect hair from within.
And let me state now that none of the products contain petrolatum, mineral oil, sulphates, phthalates, colourants or parabens, which is already a big thumbs up in my book. They all have a very similar, pleasant, light coconutish smell.
I think I must have used the products at least 5 times over the space of 2 weeks so this review is going to be very thorough. Let's chat about them in the order that I used them.

Moisturizing Shampoo

This is a rich luxurious, shampoo that forms a lovely thick lather as  you work it into your hair. I typically start by working it into my scalp and let it run down the rest of my strands. It's super moisturising and I can feel how soft my hair is after washing, which means I can do a little detangling with the shampoo still in my hair. And because it doesn't contain any nasties like sulphates, mineral oil or parabens my hair doesn't feel stripped of its natural oils after cleansing.

Moisture Rich Conditioner

This conditioner lives up to its name in that it is incredibily moisturising, to the point where I actually end up using it as a deep conditioner. I would apply it to my hair and then carry on with the rest of my shower routine. Just before rinsing it off I would detangle my hair, which is made super easy with this conditioner. My hair feels unbelievably soft after rinsing it off. The only aspect that I didn't enjoy so much is the tingly feeling it creates on my scalp, but other than that I really enjoy using it.

Leave-In Conditioner

Using a leave-in conditioner is for me the most important step during the styling process as it forms the basis for the rest of the style and I find that this leave-in does a very good job of it. I can practically feel how it seals and smooths my hair cuticle, which is essential in helping my styles to last longer.

Curling Custard

My favourite product of all in the GroHealthy Shea and Coconut range is by far the curling custard.  It's a thick cream that promises to create long-lasting shiny spirals and gorgeous curls. They are not wrong. Not only does it define my curls like it's nobody's business but it also adds a gorgeous shine to my hair with just the right amount of hold.

Flat Out Frizz Fighter

This is a daily smoothing cream that fights frizz and flyaways. It can also be used for flat ironing. The way that I use it is as a smoothing cream on wet hair. So right after I apply the Curling Custard and right before I apply the Shea & Coconut Oil I like to apply a little just to help contan any frizzies that might appear while I defuse my hair. I would also apply it as a smoother if I have to be out of the door quickly and don't have much time to style. So I would throw up all my hair in a high bun and use the product to smooth down any flyaways.

Shea & Coconut Oil

I was a little disappointed when I saw that the first oil on the ingredient list, which is avocado oil, is listed sixth and only then followed by coconut oil, shea butter, and olive fruit oil. I feel like if these were the main ingredients my hair would have done a lot better at staying sealed with moisture. But I found that moisture would escape my hair halfway through the day already and usually if I use 100% coconut oil to seal it would remain moisturised for much longer.

Smooth Edges

Wow, I have to admit that I am very pleasantly surprised with this edge control gel. Besides providing a nice flexible hold for my edges, I also found it incredibly moisturising and it doesn't cause any dryness or flakes. I actually find it to be the ideal finish for my hairline.
Overall this is a lovely range of products and my natural hair really took to it.
Have you used GroHealthy before? If you did, let us know what you thought of it by leaving a comment below.
By Eleanor J'adore

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