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30 November 2017

Hi Everyone
Today I'm going to show you I create this fabulous full curly bun with GroHealthy's Shea & Coconut range of hair products.
I started off by washing my hair with the Moisturizing Shampoo and followed up by conditioning with the Moisture Rich Conditioner. After that I briefly blotted by ends dry with a cotton t-shirt and proceeded to style my hair.

Leave-in Conditioner

With my hair mostly wet, and divided into two sections I started by applying a big dollop of leave-in conditioner to each side. I smoothed the product in thoroughly to ensure that each strand is coated. Leave-in conditioner is the most important step in the styling process for me so ensure that I take my time.

Curling Custard

I love a good curling custard and this one is just perfect for defining my curls. Again, I used a big dollop in each hand and smoothed it into my strands. Just look at the shine and definition in my curls.

Flat Out Frizz Fighter

This products is supposed to tame flyaways and the packaging says that you should use it on dry hair. However I found it quite useful using it on wet hair. I simply smoothed it over the top of my hair and didn't concentrate so much on the rest. My aim here was just to minimise frizz while diffusing my curls.

Shea & Coconut Oil

I used the oil mostly on my ends  to seal in all the moisture as they've been feeling extra dry lately. And I made sure to scrunch in quite a generous amount.

Smooth Edges

After diffusing my hair I moved on to the edge control gel. Since I wanted to do a high bun, I took a bit of the gel and applied it all along my hairline and smoothed it down with my fingers. After that I took my hair tie, and tied a very loose bun at the top of my head. I tucked in a few stray hairs and styled my fringe until I was happy with the way it looked.

The Final Look

This is the final look.
What do you think? Is this a style that you would re-create using GroHealthy Shea & Coconut?
By Eleanor J'adore


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