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14 March 2018

Hey family,
This is probably one only the girls will read I assume.
SO, basically I've decided that bundles are nice and lovely, but it's time to put that same energy into our natural hair and grow our own inchessss! In this blog, I'll be sharing some new and old tips and methods I've discovered which will help us on this journey.

First off, I'd say that if you're planning some hair length goals, you'll want to take some length checks. Relying solely on your eyes and memory to determine how much your hair has grown in x amount of time isn't really the best idea. The best method is actually coloring a section of your hair at the root, because you'll see the growth from the root and you can determine if your hair is breaking off a lot at the ends. Anyway, get some length checks and take pics. If you have a top with horizontal stripes this will be perfect.
Secondly, it's important to know your hair type AND porosity- and when watching natural hair videos, make sure you're watching ones specified to your type of hair. I'd say porosity is a little more important in terms hair tips e.g for moisture retention.
Here are some useful videos to help you determine your hair's porosity and according regimens:

Regimen Tips:
Scalp Massages: This is one I've always known but never done. It makes sense that if you massage your scalp more, you stimulate blood flow to your scalp causing more growth. Now, *disclaimer* massaging your scalp can be counterproductive if you are using your nails to do so- you're just scratching your scalp and causing scratches and wounds on the delicate skin. This prevents hair growth. Instead, use the base of your fingers, or a silicone shampoo brush: Silicone Brush  ( This can be used to get rid of build up when shampooing too as, again, your nails will harm your scalp)
Here's a link to an oil mix I'm going to be using with keyyyy ingredients such as essential oils, castor oil and henna powder for enhanced growth:

I'll let you know now that there are quite a few ingredients, but it still works out affordable (plus you spend coin on Indian bundles, why not spend coin on Indian natural hair growth remedies?)
I'd encourage you to start implementing all these tips asap for max effect, but i'll update you guys on my hair health and growth to let you know what's been useful.

Deep Condition: Now this point is related to your hair more so than your scalp, so it doesn't actually accelerate hair growth. However, if your hair appears to have been at the same length for years now, it is un likely thatthe issue is a lack of hair growth- it's length retention. Even with little to no care at all, hair will grow out of your scalp at some rate. However, if your hair is often dry and mishandled, it will break at the same rate it is growing and you wont see any extra length sis. Deep conditioning once a week or fortnight (or every time you wash your hair if it's less frequent than that) will help your hair retain moisture and elasticity from within, making breakage less likely. Ensure that you are using products with good ingredients like butters and oil (and obviously water please). Also, you'll want to let the product sit on your head (most effective under a steamer or cap etc) for a good while. 

Protein Treatments: Okay, so this one I have like no experience in, so I don't want to give advice. What I will do is link a couple of useful videos. I will be purchasing a popular treatment , ApHogee 2 Step and I'll let you know how it goes in another post)
How To Know If Your Hair Needs Protein

Trims?: Throw away the myth that says you must trim your hair every 3 months. PLS. Throw it all the way away. The issue with that is, if you have been protective styling, you are likely to have relatively healthy ends. If you keep hacking at those ends cutting off half an inch every 3 months- you're cutting off 2 inches a year. That's way tew much sis. Stop that. (Of course, take every thing I'm saying with a grain of salt and wisdom- if your split ends are wild- cut those).

Heat?: On the note of trims and split ends, it's important to note that improper and continuos use of high heat on hair can lead to the formation or worsening of already-present split ends (as well as scattering your curl pattern might I add). It also makes your hair hella dry which counters the point I made about deep conditioning so you don't wanna do that boo.
Howeverrrr, while a lot of natural babes curse heat and call it the devil and boast pridefully about how they don't use it (do you want a sticker or), it can actually be v useful. I mentioned above that deep conditiong should be ya bestie. I'll say now that if you have low porosity hair and you've been deep conditioning without heat- you have wasted ya time and coin. You'll find out more from the videos I've linked, but low porosity hair has stubborn cuticles- they're not trying to stay open for long. Use of heat (kinda like how you steam your face to open ya clogged pores) opens the cuticles so that the product you apply to your hair can penetrate and like actually be useful and stuff. Some people including old me, use just a shower cap, or plastic bag (if you know) and wait 45 mins and they're done. But it is honestly way more effective to use an external source of heat such as a blowdryer, hooded dryer, steamer or portable hood dryer. I use the portable hood because a sis is on a budget and it's compact and easy to tidy away (really it's the budget, I'm waffling here).
Here's the link to the one I use: Hood Dryer (if you haven't noticed, I've put like 20 links in this post because I'm the plug x)
A lot of these tips are not new to me, I just didn't apply them consistently, so remember consistency is key.

Okay, daz it. I'm fatigued, it's 2:54am on the 12th and I said this would be up on the 11th. Yikes.

Love for reading as usual and do share this with your sestras that can benefit. No more bald headedness 2018.
Peace n Lurv
B Noelle x

P.S: I was gifted the entire new Revlon Realistic Black Seed Oil Range for natural hair and Ima check how the products do on my hurr and let you all know, so look out for that post babies 

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