12 July 2017

Lets talk porosity

Porosity is the quality of being porous or full of tiny holes, which effects the hairs ability to absorb and retain moisture. Its usually broken down into three catergories: low, normal and high.
To determine your hairs simply take a strand of hair and drop it in a glass of water for 3-5mins. 
Low porosity hair will float at the top because it doesn't easily all moisture out of the hair
normal easily accepts and retains moisture, sol will swim around the centre of the glass of water
High porosity will sink right to the bottom of the cup because it has many holes so water is constantly coming in and out of the hair.

So why does it matter?

Those with low porosity will find it harder to absorb product easily and will benefit from using using products with more alkaline ingredients. Low porosity hair repels moisture and resists penetration of chemicals so using light oil such as shea butter, jojoba oil and coconut oil will really help low porosity hair. Lighter hair products that wont sit on your hair and make it greasy are low porosity hairs best friend! Steaming  and rinsing hair with warm waters are also good practices for low porosity hair to help open cuticles.

Medium porosity requires the least amount of maintenance. It naturally allows the right amount of moisture to enter whilst also preventing it from leaving. 

High porosity hair will require more oils to help lock in moisture into strands more easily as it loses moisture easily. Leave in conditioners and sealants are high porositys best friend because they help it hold on to moisture, so the LOC method is most benificial. Protein treatments will help strengthen this type of hair, as it has many holes that need patching up.
Whats your porosity? Do the test and let me know.

Until next time
Chengetai Victoria

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