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28 September 2016

The weather's changed, September has come and so a new season is officially here. (I'm currently writing this during a 33 degree heatwave, so I'm lying really).

New seasons bring change all around us and also a change within us.
A lot of people at this time in the year would have forgotten all about those 2016 goals and resolutions; much fewer people are claiming 2016 as "their year". And some are frankly just waiting for December 31st to come around again to give it a second shot.

The thing is-- the year isn't quite over. A whole 3 and a half months remain.
You have another chance.
As long as you've woken up this morning, you have been given another chance to smile more, dream bigger, work harder,

This isn't just a new season for the trees to shed their leaves, it is a new season for me and you too. This was highlighted by a new series in church called-The Winning Spirit.

Enter your new season boldly and confidently. Have a fighting spirit (please don't go and jump somebody- I mean 'fighting' as in, you keep pushing and don't give up/let things consume you).
Other features of a winning spirit are calmness, resilience, positivity and courageousness.

All in all, be filled with faith.

The opposite of faith is fear. A fearful spirit is restless, defeated, negative and broken. Whatever you do,  do NOT allow yourself to be any of these things. Pray, meditate work against them.

And remember Psalm 65:11: He crowns the year with goodness, his path overflows with abundance and prosperity.♥

Thanks for reading
Bolu Noelle x

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Faux Locs- YAY or NAY? | BOLU NOELLE

26 September 2016


Okay I'm done. Anyway, I've been doing faux locs fora while as a style I absolutely LOVE.
It still hasn't gone out of fashion (I don't think it ever will), so I decided to write a blog telling you tips and tricks you can use when doing them and also the pros and cons of faux locs.
  • If you're doing single faux locs the traditional way, you must know that it is a full day (maybe even a 2 day) job. One great way of saving time is by not covering your head with full single braids.
    A lot of people waste time by installing full length Box Braids all over their head before wrapping to form locs. Instead, just do pick and drop. This is where you section the hair as though you are doing box braids, add extensions but only braids for one or two inches down the hair to secure it on place before wrapping.
  • Use Kanekelon Hair to braid and Marley Hair to wrap.
    Along with the time taken for faux locs, the price can start to weigh on your wallet if you use pricey hair. My 2nd tip is to use cheap Kanekelon Hair for the pick and drop underneath, and use Kinky Hair for the wrapping. I'm not too sure about the States, but here in London at least, kinkier textures cost at least double if not triple the price of Kanekelon hair. Alternatively, you coulkd use Kanekelon Hair (such as Xpressions) all over the hair.
  • Another reason to use Kinky Hair to wrap is that it holds together better than the smoother texture of Kanekelon Hair. All 4 times I have done faux locs on myself, I used Kanekelon hair to braid underneath AND to wrap.  I like the look as the locs look silky. Some people may not prefer this as it doesn't look as natural.
    However, when I do the style on clients, I normally use Kinky Hair for wrapping.
  • Two Styles at Once: Two out of 4 times when I did faux locs, I wore box braids as a style for 2/3 weeks before wrapping them to become faux locs! What's great is that when you loc the hair it looks fresh, as it you've just got it done from scratch. Also, by doing each style individually, it takes less time.

-Once they grow out, the don't look raggedy like twists and braids, they look even more natural! (DISCLAIMER: Please don't keep your hair in for 6 months and I say it looks cute. It doesn't. Flies are laying eggs. Stop it.)
-They are a great protective style as they actually conceal your hair all the way round. Twists and braids leaves bits of your hair exposed.
-You WILL get called Queen. Or Empress. Maybe even Goddess.

-Time taken to install
-The strain on your NECK. LISTEN TO ME.
HOWEVER>>>> These 2 cons can be solved by doing crotchet locs. Search the hashtag on Instagram or Pinterest to see some more examples. You can buy packs of premade locs at most beauty shops.
The only potential negative is that, depending on the braiding pattern underneath the crotchets, your styling options may be limited e.g you may not be able to do certain parting or wear your hair half up half down if cornrows will be exposed.

Black Dolls or White Dolls?| ABENA

20 September 2016

There are so many brands today when it comes to buying merchandise for our children. Clothes, shoes, toys, accessories etc. But what do these brands stand for? Do we buy them because they look cool, or they are characters from a movie our children love or do they represent something more?
In 1940 the first “doll test” was conducted by Doctors Kenneth and Mamie Clark and by Good Morning America and many more researchers.
What is the 'Doll Test'?
It's a test where a group of preschool-aged black children are presented with two dolls...  one Caucasian and one with darker skin. They are then asked to pick which one they would like to play with or like the most amongst other questions. They discovered most dark/brown skinned children preferred white over the brown doll. The study and its conclusions were used in the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education case, which led to the desegregation of American schools.
The tests showed that white children, as a whole, responded with a high rate of what researchers call "white bias," identifying the colour of their own skin with positive attributes and darker skin with negative attributes. Spencer said even black children, as a whole, have some bias toward whiteness, but far less than white children. Read more...
A lot of African-American, coloured, dark/brown skin parents today prefer their children especially girls to play with dolls that have a similar colour to that of their own and not necessarily white. The studies prove that a lot of children prefer white dolls because they think black/brown dolls are ugly and white dolls are prettier. The studies also show that the self-esteem and self-worth of  some of our young girls are easily influenced before they fully understand the true meaning of race and racism.
But as much as we would like to blame society for these misconceptions. It's not entirely its fault. it is also the duty of parents to instil certain truths, values and perceptions about themselves and about others because the truth is, race will always be an issue for certain people but it is how we are as individuals that combats and nullifies what they think. It won't matter and it wont affect you.

It's a shame that even some big shops,companies and brands price 'black products and merchandise' differently.  On Amazon an African-American family dollhouse from Fisher price cost $37.99 and the white Caucasian family dollhouse cost $63.99. I don't know if we should be happy we can save money or sad that our value is so hugely depreciated.

Even with the black/brown dolls there is an issue. If it is going to be done, it has to be done well. We do not have straight long silky hair. The dolls should have the correct hair texture because these dolls do represent our culture and our race. Bring the kinks, the coils and the curls. The almighty Afro's and the different textures.
That is why we started the Curls-AuNaturel Backpack range. Our little animations were specially designed to be relatable to the children of our society. This is a way to engage children and make being a Naturel fun. Our animations represent every hair type and we will continue to bring a variety which will make them trendy enough to inspire our girls to appreciate and accept the way God made them.

Support the movement. #teamnatural.
Its not just about hair but about the future of our society and how we can positively influence it. We might not be able to change their views but we definitely can shape that of our children.
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How To Save Money As A Natural! | BOLU NOELLE

16 September 2016

Yes you are reading this correctly.
 No, you do not need to go to Specsavers
And no, I am not crazy, ladies.
Going natural- or should I say Naturel- CAN save you money and it doesn't have to dip a hole in your shoe fund ;)
The mistake a lot a girlies make is becoming a product junkie (see below)

Correct me if I'm wrong but it normally goes something like this:
First you read a blog like this one or watch one video (or maybe 57) that ignites fire in your soul, and suddenly all you can think about is going out to the closest hair and beauty shop to collect at least 24 of the 30 products mentioned.

 So, naturally,  the next day, you go out with a pocket full of money and spend away going crazy on any product with the word natural on it.

  Then, you decide to try them all out at once, only to realise that many of them do not work for you. You become annoyed because now you have a cupboard full of hair products that you do not use. Not to mention you have essentially wasted a good percentage of your paycheck which could have gone towards that new handbag you like.

And now you think natural hair will always be expensive to maintain so you decide it's best to go back on the "creamy crack".
 Honey, it needn't be that way! Just follow a few simple rules and you will be whipping your kinks and curls everywhere!

The Commandments

1) Product Reviews
These can instantly help you to dismiss products that aren't likely to work for your hair. The best way to use product reviews is to watch those given by people who have your same hair type. If you are not familiar with the hair typing system, copy and paste this link : OR just search Hair Type.
I have type 4 hair. I watch videos by females with all types of hair (even type 1), but I am selective of the information I apply to MY regimen.  There are girls who can do nothing and BAM, their hair grows fast. But for most of you reading this journal,  you have to show your hair a little more TLC.
Maybe also watch people with a similar lifestyle to your own if you can,  especially during periods such as pregnancy, where products and routines may change.

2) Natural Products
Okay, hear me out. Some products aimed at naturals aren't all natural, no surprise there. From conditioner to edge controls, there are chemicals and additives in many of your hair products, some less harmful than others. Not to worry, of course none of these are as detrimental as the creamy crack herself.
Reasons to use natural products
     •Inevitably, they are better for your hair. Unrefined extra virgin olive oil is better than Blue Magic Olive, which contains mineral oils, petroleum and all them devils.
     •Most of the time, they have multiple uses. Products such as natural Greek yoghurt,  mayonnaise, eggs, olive oil and coconut oil can be used on the hair, skin, nails, teeth (oil pulling) and in food! ^.^
    •These are also more cost effective because you can use smaller amounts which will have longer effects, and so you won't have to restock as often. Also, if they don't work especially well on your hair,  you have tons of other uses, so nothing is wasted!

3) Don't Wait Till You're Desperate
Don't wait till the last minute in an awkward situation to restock, be prepared. If you are going on holiday to a place where you doubt you'll be able to find your staple products, plan before! No need to overspend because you didn't think ahead .
 P.S you get to save the $ you spend purchasing relaxer and paying the stylist! You're welcome.
That makes my three main tips. If you have any queries or extra tips, comment down below!

Peace & Afropicks!
xo Bolu Noelle

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Fix Dry, Frizzy Ends!| Featured Blogger

2 September 2016

Are you plagued by dry, frizzy ends? I am.
There are any number of causes for fuzzy, dry, frizzy ends — from split ends and single strand knots to damaged cuticles. Rough handling of hair, inadequate moisturizing, color damage and normal wearing of the cuticle can cause rough ends that make detangling seem like a nightmare and length retention an impossible task.
Whenever my ends start getting rough, I notice more wisps of hair as I handle and detangle my hair. That’s my cue to get it together, and get back to the things in my regimen that keep my ends soft, smooth, and strong like the rest of my hair.
Below is a short collection of tips to help you manage dry, frizzy, fuzzy and rough-feeling (and sometimes looking) ends — feel free to follow whichever combination of tips works for you, and add your own!
1. Introduce a brush or comb into your regimen occasionally.
I am an avid finger detangler, but on occasion when I can feel my ends starting to get wonky, I’ll bring in the reinforcements and use a comb or detangling brush to help smooth and for lack of a better term, “straighten out” tangled and jumbled up ends. After finger detangling in small sections, take a moderately wide tooth comb like this one (teeth too wide apart defeat the purpose) or a Denman brush to smooth out the ends of your hair. This works best with hair that is saturated in regular or deep conditioner.
2. Use a smoothing deep conditioner.
Smoothing deep conditioners are typically marketed as a step in the process of blowing out and straightening the hair, thanks to the penetrating conditioning agents, smoothing polymers, and proteins. These same ingredients make a great treatment for rough and frizzy ends. You don’t have to use a separate deep conditioner or your ends, you can just treat your entire head of hair to a smoothing deep conditioning treatment every two weeks to every month to keep the problem ends at bay. Silk Elements Kera-Minerals Smoothing Conditioner, Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner, and L’Oreal Eversleek Conditioner are three great smoothing treatments under $10.
3. L-C-O/B your ends.
There’s a bunch of different acronyms to follow when it comes to retaining moisture within the hair, but I have found that the Liquid-Cream-Oil/Butter version works best. Keeping rough ends properly strengthened and moisturized is key in preventing those thin wisps of hair from ending up on your bathroom sink. When refreshing styles or prepping hair for bedtime, take a few extra steps to nurse your ends back to health. Use a liquid to hydrate your ends, but don’t soak them (preferably a spray with protein and amino acids like ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer Spray, Infusium 23 Pro-Vitamin B5 Leave-In Treatment, or Ouidad Botanical Boost). Follow that up with your moisturizing pudding, lotion, soufflĂ© or cream of choice (my personal picks in this are Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea All Natural Pudding Souffle and Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk), and then your butter or oil of choice to seal (I like coconut oil for the summer). When maintaining the moisture on your ends, you don’t have to worry about using too much product. Just enough to lightly moisturize. These steps can be done daily, or as needed. Just don’t let your ends dry out!
4. Tuck them away.
This is probably my least favorite piece of advice, because I am in no way a fan of protective styling. My twists only last two days before looking a mess. My scalp psoriasis won’t allow for styles and braided updos that can have hair tucked away for weeks at a time. And personally, I think my forehead is entirely too big for regular bunning. But if you are not sensitive to any of my predicaments, then tucking the ends away for a few days or weeks at a time can help the ends of your hair recuperate. Just be sure to follow steps 2 and 3 for maintenance!
5. Get out the scissors.
Sometimes in spite of your best efforts, your ends are too far gone for conditioners and moisturizers to help. In these cases, the best thing you can do is make the decision to chop the problem ends, or gradually trim them. As I follow steps 1 – 3, I trim away at my ends on a monthly basis. My ends aren’t split and my single strand knots are few, but I aim to gradually rid myself of problematic, tangly ends. My personal timeline is three months. At the end of the day, cutting is truly the only cure — all of the other tips are suggestions for managing and preventing further damage.
Lastly — check your regimen! Make sure the products you’re using aren’t drying your ends, and you’re not handling hair too roughly. If you don’t have your regimen in check, you will find yourself repeatedly at step 5.
What are some of your methods for keeping dry ends in check?

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