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20 April 2017

Hey loves!
As you will know, our team of bloggers have been working with the amazing GroHealthy.
They're an affordable, clean brand with products suitable for natural and relaxed hair too!

Today, I'll be showing you how I get my sleek low puff style using the Shea and Coconut GroHealthy range. This is one of my favourite styles as its so easy and quick to do and low maintenance making it a protective style- perfect for the cold winter!
This style is also great for various hair textures and hair lengths too.
This is the full range:

Here's how I achieved the style:

-On freshly washed and stretched hair, I applied Gro Healthy Frizz Fighter  to smooth out my hair. I then add their Curling Custard. NEW PRODUCT ALERT-THIS IS LIFE! Like, the curls just start popping out of nowhere! And it moisturises your strands at the same time.
I rub this into my hair and I don't even have to finger coil each strand-the product works wonders just by simply applying it.

The next step is optional and depends on your desired outcome; if you have more time and want even more curl definition, you can follow this step.

-Section your hair into 6-8 while applying the above mentioned products and twist or flat-twist your hair in these sections. Allow the products to dry about 80% before taking down the twists. They can be left in overnight.

-Create your middle or side part using a rat-tail comb. Using a soft bristle brush, brush your hair as flat as possible towards the back of your head. Use medium sized bobby pins to sure each section of hair into place, creating your desired shape of puff. You can the add a large hair tie, but don't tie it round too many times as it shrinks the puff size! Wrap it just enough for it to secure the shape of your puff.

-Add the Shea and Coconut Edge Control to the perimeter on your hair and brush to add more sleekness to your style and get those edges LAID. You can also use this product to slick down baby hairs if that's your style!

-Add a satin scarf around your heading (excluding the puff so as not to flatten it) and VOILA!
An easy, sleek style that's suitable for parties, school, work- you name it!

And on top off all that goodness- your hair smells like mangoes and holiday and love and joy

Thanks for reading!
Bolu Noelle

Getting Perfect Hair| ELEANOR J'ADORE

18 April 2017

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In the craziness that was December 2016 I had the opportunity to experience the South African natural hair care brand that is The Perfect Hair up close and personal. I was invited by none other than entrepreneur and business mogul herself, Taryn Gill, creator of the The Perfect Hair to have an in-salon experience with her range of products that were specifically created for natural kinks, curls and waves.
Situated in Parktown North Johannesburg,  The Perfect Hair retail space is located on the ground floor of the Be-You-tiful Dry Bar, which means that when you go in to purchase your product you can also be pampered with a beauty salon experience upstairs. In other words, you can have your hair washed, conditioned and styled with The Perfect Hair and combine it with a manicure or a lash extension application. Sounds pretty good right? I highly recommend you take up this offer when you’re in the mood for your next pamper session.
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For the purposes of this review I’ll talk about three of the products that I had the opportunity to try. And I’ll follow this piece up with another review of more products in a few weeks.
The Perfect Co-Wash
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I’ve mentioned before that I’m not the biggest co-washer out there, but that was before I used this product, which is a very creamy and conditioning suds-free cleanser. I’ve come to love it so much that I use it up to 3 times in between my weekly shampoo sessions. 3 times people!  That really is a lot of co-washing for me, but I just love it so damn much and it leaves my hair quite soft even before I’ve added conditioner to it.
It contains too many ingredients for me to list, but here are some of the stand-out ones:
Coconut Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Shea Butter and Gingko Biloba Extract.
The Perfect Curl – Deep-Deep Conditioner
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I love that the rest of the products are divided into The Perfect Wave, The Perfect Curl and the Perfect Kinky Coil, which means that a range of products have specifically been created for your natural texture. Since my hair is curly I used the The Perfect Curl Deep-Deep Conditioner – a deeply penetrating conditioner that uses cashmere croteins to moisturise hair from within. If like me you don’t know what a crotein is, it’s an amino acid complex derived from keratin protein that penetrates the hair cortex, increase moisture levels and also elasticity. It improves the hair’s manageability and appearance.
So it’s this cashmere crotein in combination with the ingredients below that leave my hair feeling super soft and ready for styling every time I use it:
Glycerin, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil.
The Perfect Curl – Style
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This two-in-one leave-in conditioner and styling cream is the perfect leave-in for my type of corkscrew curls. I find it moisturising enough to not have to bother applying my usual coconut oil as a sealant afterwards as it also contains coconut oil and glycerin, both listed in the top five ingredients, so you can be sure that it contains an abundance of it. Cashmere croteins make an appearance again and promise to protect against frizz, even in high humidity.
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All the products smell amazing and most of them come in beautiful see-through glass jars so you’re always in the know regarding how much product is left. I find the jars really pretty and perfect for re-using afterwards, but I must say it can get a bit heavy for travelling. So I’d recommend decanting some of it into smaller travel-friendly sized containers to make sure you still have your favourite products with you while on the go.
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eleanor j'adore - how to get your perfect hairPin this image on Pinterest

The entire range is available for purchase via The Perfect Hair or you can pop into their retail space situated at No23, 7th Avenue, Parktown North, Johannesburg.
Have you used The Perfect Hair products before? What are your thoughts on this proudly South African natural hair care range?


15 April 2017

Okay okay so we're already in spring- it's been at least a solid month since I've seen rain in the UK so it's basically time to skin out LOL. Here are a few SS17 trends I've been feeling.

1) Statement Sleeves

Extra long sleeves and wide armed sleeves are key. I really like this trend- it can be dressed up or down and it feels so comfortable. You can find t-shirt dresses with these wide sleeves on too; its like a rebranded batwing arm.





2) Baby Pink

This colour is just classic. I actually only realised this because it was the signature colour of the man himself, Tubo Adeaga. Baby pink was seen a lot on sweaters during the winter weather (thanks to Santan Dave), and it's going to continue taking over your IG feed through the spring and summer seasons
 Bouncing off this trend, there summer seventeen is also pairing pink with red. Shades vary a lot on different catwalks but my preference is baby pink paired with red or burgundy.

Me, Bolu Noelle @BOLUNOELLE





3) Embroidery: Roses

Not going to lie, I live for this trend. I do. Embroidery is currently popping and is making a transition from being on denim items to being on t-shirts, bags and shoes. Patches such as lips, phrases i.e YASSS, cartoon characters etc are all common, but I'm drawn toward roses.
It's a trend that's on the edge of becoming "too popular" but there are so many ways to style embroidered items. Plus, do you boo.


[similar] Can be purchased at @THEKANYEMAG



4) Off shoulder

It will never die. From bodycon dresses to button-down shirts and crop tops. Never.  Also, for the girls who prefer not showing cleavage, this works as an alternative to scoop or v-shaped necklines. And it suits everybody.





5) Vertical Stripes

These have been seen on many runways from AW16 to SS17. Pinstripes in particular are popping, particularly on button down shirts, trousers and playsuits ; they sprinkle an ounce of class onto any outfit.





6) Whale-Net Tights

They add the sauce to the outfit.


7) Culottes + Wide Leg Trousers

 As I'm growing up, I'm really opening my eyes to the fact that Joni jeans and crop tops don't epitomise fashion. I'm enjoying the less form-fitting clothing trends such as wide legged pants and culottes. These can be dressed up or down and can be found in a range of patterns and cuts. They can be worn with bodysuits or even with a more loose fitting to tucked in.





Whatever you choose, experiment and be bold in your choices
Love and light,
Bolu Noelle

IG and Twitter: BOLUNOELLE

Curls and Cocktais March 2017| ELEANOR J'ADORE

8 April 2017

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For someone who has officially been living in Johannesburg for the last 5 months I’ve found myself making quite a few trips south to Cape Town lately: The first one was for the Cape Town Natural Hair Fest in December 2016; the second one for a friend’s wedding in March and this last weekend for Curls & Cocktails – the first event for 2017 hosted by Cape Town Naturally, the collective I co-founded with four other natural haired beauties.
For the benefit of those of you reading my blog for the first time, Cape Town Naturally is a platform for individuals with natural hair to share ideas and tips and to support each other. It’s a place where we can build each other up and create a community of like minded people. Over the last coupled of years the demand for social events has increased so much that we successfully hosted our second Curls & Cocktails on Saturday 25 March. The first one was held early last year.
Imagine if you will, a room filled with 100 beautiful women and men, crowned in their natural kinks, waves and curls, all there to uplift and inspire each other. Queue our amazing guest speakers, Justine Josias, a model (pictured in the blue dress) and actress Kay Smith, (pictured in the orange dress) who shared a little about their personal hair journeys and the challenges and blessings they’ve both come face to face with in their personal as well as professional lives because of their choice to wear their hair naturally.
They both had in me tears as I was really moved by their stories and I found myself identifying with so much of what they said.
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eleanor j'adore - Curls & Cocktails March 2017Pin this image on Pinterest

If you’ve ever been to Canal Walk in Century City then you would undoubtedly have noticed the hair salon Style Studio. They stock a range of natural hair products, especially some sought-after international ones, so we were very happy to have Grant Heynes,  Managing Director of Style Studio share a bit more about the business. In tow with him he also had the CEO of Urban Therapy Twisted Sista, Randy Zeno (pictured below) who shared a few inspiring words.
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In my element
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Just look at all these beauties who attended.
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eleanor j'adore - Curls & Cocktails March 2017Pin this image on Pinterest

Of course we gave away loads of prizes!
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We finally introduced everyone to our mascot and if you’ve not met her on social media yet, here she is. Meet Naturally Naledi, sponsored to us by Haus of Swag and created as a special once-off doll as part of their dollhaus project, which is a collection of one-of-a kind fashion dolls customized in Haus of Swag’s apparel brand with a remixed version of hair and style. Isn’t she just gorgeous?
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Watch this video to see more of what transpired at the event.

We honestly can’t wait to host you at the next Curls & Cocktails.
If you were there, let me know below what you thought. I’d love to hear from you!

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