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14 September 2017

Hello There!

As Autumn is approaching, I believe it is vital to focus on seasonal cleaning !

I'm not just referring to shampooing your carpets and reorganizing your closet, I'm talking about cleansing your mind, heart, and life.

I am a firm believer that when seasons change, we should reflect on ourselves, acknowledge our growth and make an action plan to healthily challenge our comfort zones.

When we prepare ourselves for change, it's important that we know what and who we need to reevaluate to ensure that we are living the most fulfilled and healthy life.

These are 3 ways to self reflect and prepare for seasonal cleaning and changes !

1. Find New Ways To Love Yourself

Are you hard on yourself about your physical flaws? Do you constantly critique the stretchmarks on your stomach? Do you wish you had a rounder butt? Do you walk around feeling self-conscious or frumpy? Well, listen up! Seasonal changes are about acknowledging how hard you are on yourself.

I want you to reflect on all the things you wish you could change about yourself. Whether it's longer hair, becoming more extroverted, or having better punctuality, I want you to be honest about what work you feel needs to be done in your life to live a more qualitative life.

Then, I want you to write it down.  Next, I want you to bring your list of flaws and shortcomings to the mirror.  Stare in that mirror, rip up that list, and tell yourself that you love everything about you! Flaws and all, self-acceptance and self-love is about appreciating every part of ourselves, good and bad.

Be honest about the areas in your life that need improvement, but be forgiving of your flaws.  Nurture yourself mentally and emotionally.  Find new ways to love yourself and I promise you will feel better from the inside, out.

2.  Evaluate Your Inner Circle

Whether it's the friend who is always critiquing you and shooting down your dreams, or the manipulative boyfriend who you are always catching in lies, let's take a deeper look at who you keep in your inner circle.

Do these people have similar ambition? Are they motivated? Do they have your best interest at heart? Are they around you for convenience or do they actually stimulate your growth, encourage your well-being, and reciprocate the goodness that you give them? If the answer is no, you already know what you gotta do!

As challenging as it may be to cut ties with someone you have an attachment to, understand that you need people in your life who you have a connection with.

In all relationships, there are ups and downs.  However, your inner peace and emotional health should not be compromised by others, no matter how long you've known them.

Self-reflect.  What does your inner circle say about you?

3. Create Goals.  Create Plans. 

What kind of life do you want to live? Who are you?  What brings joy into your spirit? How can you have more inner peace? What aspirations do you have?

Take some time alone to reflect on the things, people, and places that truly make you happy.  If you dream of being a world renowned photographer living on the West coast, how are you going to bring that vision to life?

Make a financial plan.  Make a career plan.  We all know everything doesn't go according to plan, but it is important that you have one.  Plans create direction.  They are the blueprints to successful ideas and practices.

Reflect on your plans of action and enjoy watching your dreams come true!

Author: Shinyere Davis
Instagram: @shinyeredavis

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