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30 November 2016

I normally like to keep my braids in for a month, (sometimes a bit longer), and have struggled at times to keep my hair looking fresh. Over the years I've come across some tips that have helped me to keep my hair in tact and still retain length:

When sleeping, use a satin scarf.

Cotton scarves rub against and tug on individual strands of hair. This can cause them to be pulled out of the braids, creating a frizzy look. Satin/smooth material glides over your hair, meaning it is not tugged and stays neater for longer. This same principal should be applied when it's just you and your mane as well.

Wear low manipulation hair styles.

The amazing thing about extensions is the rest it gives your hair. However it's probably also best to keep to one token hair style you can wear all week and leave other ones for weekends. Have you seen the white bulbs at the front of your hair after weeks or even a few days of wearing braids? Yup. Those are your hair roots. Sometimes the more we fiddle with our braids, the more we tug on our roots and they pull out, especially around the hairline.

Cream and oil!

Don't leave your hair to dry out during your protective styling season! Just like a plant it requires nutrients to stay strong and healthy. Continue to oil/treat your scalp. Make sure you're still moisturising your hair. Cream those braids girl!


This has come in very handy when I'm not quite ready to call it quits with my braids. I tend to wear my hair in a bun so when I redo a few rows at the front and back of my head, it looks brand new again! When rebraiding/braiding your hair, make sure it's not super tight. Tightening whilst braiding is another reason for roots to pop out and say hello!


Have you got any tips to keeping your braids neat for longer? Share them with us. It's important that as a community we share and try tips :)

Until next time!

Natalie | Pursue:Inspire

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