19 November 2016

Dropping temperatures, harsh conditions and reduced air moisture can be a problem for naturals that love to flaunt their wash and go’s in autumn and winter. I know it is particularly for me and the ends of my hair as they can become more brittle and dry, no matter how much I try to add moisture. Also it does help when it’s being constantly manipulated into various styles. Therefore it’s around this time of year I take the most advantage of at least one type of the following protective styles at a time:

C H U N K Y  F L A T  T W I S T S

This is really my go-to protective style all year round. Low manipulation, easy to do, and really good for stretching my hair.

B R A I D S / T W I S T S

I learned how to do my own hair in uni so I take a day out just to braid or twist, normally using Xpressions. Though it takes ages to do, they can last at least 2 months depending on how well I look after them. I make sure to apply oils and creams to my scalp and braids just so my hair doesn’t completely dry out.


I used to wear weaves but got annoyed and impatient with the removal process. The thing I really love about wigs is their versatility and convenience. If so inclined, I could wear a wig one day, and have my hair out the next. They also give me the opportunity to wash my hair properly with care as it’s not attached to my hair and I get to experiment with styles without chemically altering my hair’s structure.


I stumbled across a YouTube tutorial in my early natural days and have been using this style ever since. It keeps my ends hidden and can last a couple of days, meaning that I’m not constantly touching my hair.

H E A D  W R A P

Now this isn’t really a protective style as such but I love me my head wraps! I make sure not to wear them too much depending on the fabric used as ones like cotton can dry out your hair. It’s more for a lazy day or if I want to change up my look.

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What is your favourite protective style?
Do you have any tips on how to protect your hair in the colder months? Let us know by commenting below!

Natalie | @pursueinspire

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