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23 November 2016

Just before I get into this I'll mention that my hair is type 4, medium to low porosity and of moderate thickness. Don't just go by Hair Type when looking for hair models to take advice from.  Porosity is actually more important in my opinion in regards to moisturising products. 

Here are a list of products I have purchased that have not cut it. I'll do my best to give suggestions of the type of hair it may work for but I can't be entirely sure. Enjoy!

*DISCLAIMER* Of course, this doesn't mean that all the product in the range or brand are not worth purchasing (just these)

1. Aunt Jackies Quench Leave In Conditioner. It slipped and slid everywhere and did not easily absorb into my hair or make it feel soft. Basically, my hair was left feeling slippery, not conditioned. This is due to my hair's porosity and maybe just the product's ingredients too.

 2. Tressemme Naturals Conditioner. Perhaps the biggest fail of all time considering the hype. I am aware that I bought it after a formula change though. Even the packaging changed; the original had a white lid. I used this in conjuction with other conditioners as it just wasn't potent enough alone. My strands didn't feel moisturised and I'd day it just felt like a soft shampoo. The price was good for the amount, but it just didn't work for me.

 3. African Pride Shea Butter Silky Edges. Did not leave my edges silky. Haha. It smells great and is likely to work a lot better for looser curl patterns, but it didn't hold my edges for even 7 seconds if I'm honest. Bought at a decent price, somewhere around £3

4. Doctor Miracles Curl Care Strong Hold Gel. I did not purchase this product. Instead, I received it as part of a curly hair gift box. It didn't hold my edges, it didn't sleek my bun. It did not. Perhaps it would be better with a satin scarf but the consistency is sticky, and I'm trying not to clog my hair all the time before wash day so its a no no from me. (Side note- Dr Miracles Edge Control will put some respeck on those edges thoughhh)

That's it! Those are product that I would flee from if you have hair like my own. LOL. 
I hope it helps. Please leave suggestions for other blog topics down below or on my instagram page.

Love and peace
Bolu Noelle

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