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6 February 2018

I was recently allied with GroHealthy’s Coconut and Shear line and I just have three S's for it, stunning, stupendous, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I tend to turn a sceptical eye towards most hair products what with my problematic mane of less voluptuous, frizzy, dry, damage-prone locks but I must say this line completely stole my heart away for it turned out to be an answer to a better part of my hair ordeals.

I am a sucker for things Shea and Jojoba. I can’t help it, it calls to me and GroHealthy’s line took my senses on a field day. The enticing fragrance got me thinking of home, golden beaches and mojitos. I can definitely get used to smelling like this. Boyfriend approved. Wink Wink.

I have to start with the Smooth Edges since it tolled up to the no. 01 favourite in my books. Its velvety texture soothes down the edges with no effort exerted and leaves no greasy film lying nor does it dry up to be flaky and unappealing. It undoubtedly adds up an exciting finish to the styling process.

My number two goes out to the Flat Out Frizz Fighter. My light hair becomes a dry frizzy mass on the top of my head once dried after a wash and the Flat Out Frizz Fighter is a best buddy. It moisturizes my hair from the roots to the tips and pats it down into tame flowing curls. I add it up in my regular hair routine after the Leave In Conditioner.

Third comes the Shea and Coconut Oil. She with her delightful fragrance and instant moisturizing properties is a purse essential. I used to pre-poo my hair with almond oil but I've discovered that the Shea and Coconut Oil does a better job in the way of moisturising especially in my current location in the tropical islands with its hot dehydrating climate as opposed to my earlier colder climate. Furthermore it adds a shine and a sparkle to the hair along with softening it. Funnily though, it’s my “foot oil” too since it leaves my feet feeling baby soft.

Next comes in the Leave- In  Conditioner. I love, love, love it. A well worked in dollop into my tresses works a long way in creating  nourished, shiny, healthy, wholesome looking hair. It makes it effortless to comb through the hair and has long since reduced hair fall due to friction. It moisturises the locks and keeps in a look of hydrated hair till the next wash.

And moving on to the Moisturizing Shampoo. It sure smells heavenly and easily lathers up making it the fun part of wash day. As in the way of Moisturizing properties, it really didn't set itself apart from any other good shampoo for me. But it definitely fits in the range of good shampoos in its shampooing effects.

Next I am onto the Moisture Rich Conditioner. After the washing out of the shampoo, I rub in a considerable amount of Moisture Rich Conditioner and wait it out for 12-13 minutes which afterwards I wash it off. It adds luster to the hair and makes it noticeably soft and smooth  to the touch. But I would have expected a little deeper conditioning from it in making mark with what I would have expected out of it.

Last but not least, I arrive at the Curling Custard. It defines my curls and holds it up in a good hold without weighing it down which attracts me because I simply dislike feeling excessive products in my hair.  I especially adore how it protects the shine and silkiness of my hair when it's being subjected to heat in the styling process.

The line tempts me mainly because of it's constituents of all naturals and no petrolatum, mineral oil, sulfates, phthalates, colorants or parabens. It's all bottled up nutritious goodness wrapped up in an agreeable aroma. 

The products come with a booklet of helpful guidelines on haircare and styling. You get a captivating amount of products for an affordable price. My curls have never looked better. I would give the line a jolly good thumbs up.

Would I continue using it? Oh yes!
Would I recommend it to anyone looking for brilliant haircare? Absolutely.

Try it out. Your hair will thank you later.

Drop in your experiences with the line in the comment box below.

Love, Akido.

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