LIfe Lessons: Jealousy Jealousy Jealousy

19 February 2018

Hey family,

Let's strip down and discuss something raw and real:

Have you ever found yourself not being able to be happy for someone? 
When you see them in person or online, are you unintentionally side-eyeing?
If you knew something that would benefit them, would you tell them? No?
You, my friend might be jealous.

Jealousy is a negative feeling that can produce hate, gossip and slander.

Not only can jealousy affect the subject, but it is a brewing negative energy in your heart, mind and soul. I do hate to be clichè, but you need to protect your energy. 
It is a mental blockage that will prevent your progress. How many times has hating resulted in your success?

I'll keep this one short and sweet-
How to overcome:
-You need to just accept that you are jealous. Yep. Roll your eyes. It's okay. Swallow it. And then:
-If you are religious, pray for the subject of your jealousy. It's quite hard to pray for someone peace, joy and success and still be jealous.  [Plus you can't throw shade during prayer because the God we serve is the Light of the world.] Ha.

  • While you're down there you might aswell send a prayer or two up for yourself, your peace and focus as well as purity of the heart. Find freedom and peace in the knowledge that the Lordt has a plan
  • Understand that really and truly, everyone's path is different, and that's because everyone's path is different. Yes, you read right. Your entire life up until this point differs in so many ways from the person you are choosing to compare yourself with, so how can you expect that your path here on out with be identical? The different steps have taught you different strengths. When I first wanted to blog, I was no where near as secure and confident as I am now. Nor was I being real and genuine with myself about what I wanted to blog about and why. I won't get too into that now, but child it was a mess. 
  • Tunnel Vision. Focus on bettering yourself, and finding your purpose. Then work work work on it! I'll be writing another post very soon about more practical steps towards bossing up.
That's all for this one and I really hope you've taken something away.
If you have let me know! Also do share. 

Have a happy week

Light and love,
Bolu Noelle 



  1. Totally enjoyed this one. This might be relatable to everyone at some point or the other (unless they are downright pious). Good one 🙌

  2. Thank you Akido! Such an important overlooked topic


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