3 October 2017

So Body Shaming,
Coming from Ghana where talking about a person’s body size or weight is done without thought or care for the person’s feelings, Body Shaming really isn’t a “thing”.
Calling someone fat or skinny is merely describing them, When it is done in a teasing manner you are simply encouraging them to lose weight or add more flesh. Yep you just can’t win in this war of the perfect body size.
But I digress,
This post is to draw attention to what you do to a person when you body shame them.
We need to understand what it does to a person, to their confidence, their self-esteem and their psyche.
You are probably wondering how your “little” comment is having such a huge effect but the thing is aside the fact that it is just rude and insensitive you do not know what someone may be going through at the time of your comment.
You do not know how the person is feeling, they might be battling insecurities or trying to be more confident and your comment just might send them spiralling .
Understand that your comments tear at something deep inside of a person, each time you say something negative about a person, a little part of them falls off until gradually the person feels worthless, unattractive and undeserving of love.
And even though we are responsible for how others affect us, as humans we are fragile beings so if for the most part of your life you have felt like you are not beautiful enough, too skinny, not skinny enough or that you just don’t fit some standard of beauty.
Then yes, someone’s “little” comment can drive your deeper down the self-loathing hole.  
Please understand this and know it is never a good thing to make people feel bad about themselves even if body shaming is not a “thing” where you come from.
And if you do not have anything nice or positive to tell someone when you meet them please be silent and leave them be
Let us all strive to uplift one another and Love ourselves most of all because only then can we love those around us.
                                                                                                             Love, Neera.


  1. Great piece.I love how real you are. This is all very true and truly if you have nothing better to say just be silent.You can believe the type of things some people can walk up and say to you.Just with just a phrase someone messes up your whole day and sometimes whole week. It's about time some people learnt how to give out compliments or kept quiet already.I will like to ask those who body shame this: Do you really think he or she hasnt heard all the negative comments you are dishing out before? Or doesn't see himself or herself in the mirror and compare it to social media preferences?? He or she already has enough on their plates so you either be the little at sun shine in their lives or just mind your own damn business. Thank you Neera. I love this piece

    1. I really could not agree more...thank you soo much for your words sending you lots of love xx

  2. Great read! Couldn't agree with you more! We need more self love then share shame xx

  3. Hmmm come to talk of body shame, the comments that makes u depressed the most comes from your own family.And they have this idea of you getting fat as a result of eating a lot, forgetting that we have people who eat a lot yet they are skinny.

    1. That really is the sad part, the people supposed to encourage us the most are the ones who sometimes really hurt us. Hopefully we can all have conversations about ourselves without the judgements...sending you lots of love xx

  4. The most pathetic form of it is when we do it to ourselves. What I've learnt is that if I have to tone down my personality or stature for someone, they should be packing.

    1. If this isn't the truth, self love really is important in order to overcome the negativity resulting from body shaming...thanks for the reminder xx


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