17 October 2017

You are Enough
We’ve all felt incomplete at some point in our lives
We have felt like we didn’t fit according to someone else’s standard
Scratch that we have been told we don’t fit
We were either too dark or not fair enough
Too big or not skinny enough
Too loud or too quiet
Too opinionated or too timid
We are constantly being moulded into some sort of perfection and when we do not achieve it we feel like there is something wrong with us
That there is something in us that need to be fixed because why we don’t we fit
Why don’t we look like what they say is pretty
There must be something wrong with us
Well I’m here to tell you
There is nothing wrong with you
Your brokenness is perfect
Your complexion is perfect
Your sassiness is perfect
Whatever you are is perfect
You are beautiful just as you are
You are amazing with your flaws and your imperfections
Please know this and please believe it because no matter how much you change you will never be perfect for them
Once you begin to make changes according to some standard set by others
There will always be something to change
When you fix your size, your face will be a problem
When you fix your face, your skin colour will be a problem
And when you fix that, your attitude is the problem
There will always be something to fix because they want perfection and you are not meant to be perfect
You are meant to be beautifully flawed
You are meant to exude beauty in your imperfection
What they see as broken is what makes you unique
And your uniqueness is your power
Be you according to what you want
Be you according to what you think
Be your own kind of perfect
Be whatever you want to be but please do it because that is what you want and not what somebody tells you is beautiful or is the norm or is acceptable
You are Enough As You Are.
                                                                                                   Love, Neera.

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  1. Society always want u in a certain way to fit in and that's where all the pretense comes.


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