7 January 2017

Happy new year beauties! 

I hope you had a great Christmas and great start into the 2017!

We're 7 days into January! Do you have any New Years resolutions? Have you broken any already? Have you given up or feel like you're about to give up?

Rest assured you're NOT the only one! Whether it be beauty, business, hair related, etc, thousands if not millions of people have dashed their resolutions at some point and waited until the next year to pick up where they left off. I've been on of this email people too, but in the midst of that I have learnt some valuable lessons:

Goals get broken...
...and that's ok. We are not going to get something 100% the first couple times we try. Life tries to distract us. Emotions will be sure to dampen us. Acknowledge this and it'll make it easier to move forward in your aims.

Don't wait until next year to start again!
Consistency is very key. If you've let go of an aim, don't wait 11 months to start planning how you are going to get there again. Start again now! Be active, conscious and consistent in continuing where you left off asap and positive habits will get much easier.

Don't beat yourself up if you break a goal.
Relating to my first point... don't get yourself down because then you start thinking negatively about yourself and will prevent yourself from reaching your desired destination. You can sulk for a bit, but bring yourself out of that state and get back up again. 

There are still 358 days remaining this year.
This means there are still 358 new opportunities for you to grab onto...
358 days to start and maintain your visions and dreams...
358 days to fail and get back on track...

We are humans and we're not all perfect. I've found that being conscious of this, but not using it as an excuse to stop,  has helped me be more consistent and positive in my activities. This year let's stop putting pressure on ourselves to be instantly perfect and enjoy the journey to self-improvement.

Feel free to share your resolutions with us and how you plan to get to your end goal by commenting below!

Natalie | @pursueinspire

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