13 January 2017


I know I'm late. SORRY😊

This post isn't so much a new years resolution situation.. more self reflection.
At some points in the last couple of years, I've found myself straying.
Straying from the woman I want to be, the woman I prayed to be and in general the woman I thought I would be.
As much as I worry what other people think about that, I am constantly reminded of the following:

1) Everything happens for a reason.
Now, this is one of those supposed-to-be-comforting statements that no one actually likes or wants to hear. But the truth is there are a number of scenarios which have happened in both my life and friends lives where we have experienced things as a learning curve.
And sometimes, you might just end up thanking the lord that you experienced that thing when you did and not at a more crucial point in life.
Essentially, I've realised that I've made mistakes, let anxiety take over and been inconsistent with myself too much.
But I'd rather learn all of this now when it's more forgiving, than 10 years down the line, when such mistakes can have more permanent results.

2) You have to forgive yourself.
In a religious context, God has already forgiven the more sinful mistakes. I have to forgive myself for those and also the mistakes which are not so much breaking the societal or religious law, but inhibiting my success.
Self forgiveness is key. You can't enter into all that life has for you carrying the burdens of 2009.

For me, a few years ago, if you'd asked me what my morals, value and goals were and who the woman I wanted to be now was, it isn't 100% where I am. A few years ago I was more serious and disciplined with myself, and that's where I plan to be again. Just a little wiser this time.

It's okay to have fallen
It's okay to have strayed
It's okay to have got lost in the stew

But remember who you are and get back on track.

I really hope this helps somebody ❤

Love and litness,
Bolu Noelle

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