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23 December 2016

I used to be obsessed with growing long hair to the point I'd get so discouraged within a few weeks if I didn't see 'sufficient' growth. To be honest I wasn't really seeing that growth because I wasn't really taking proper steps to looking after my hair.

Now my mind is not as focused on growth as it is maintaining healthy hair. Really and truly what's the point of growing your hair long with split ends etc, to have to cut it short anyway? One thing I have come to realise over the years is that moisture is so important for hair, especially for kinky/coily hair. Our hair can get so dry and brittle, something that leads to breakage.

What can we use on our hair to make sure our hair is getting enough moisture? Firstly, water! I cannot stress this enough. Ladies water is not our enemy. It's actually our best friend. Water prevents our hair from snapping easily and therefore helps to prevent breakage. Get a spray bottle and spritz your hair before. Also make sure you're drinking plenty of it too! After all, we are about 70% water!

Secondly, get yourself some hair products that promote healthy hair and that are moisture rich, especially those whose top ingredient is water like GroHealthy's Shea and Coconut Range. Grohealthy's products also include Shea for roots nourishment and scalp soothing, Coconut oil for extra moisture and shine and Omega 3 to rebuild, strengthen and protect hair from the inside out. Using a moisture rich conditioner after shampooing, like GroHealthy’s  Moisture Rich Conditioner, re-hydrates your hair both for extra strength and shine.

Lastly, for now, stay away from products that contain parabens, sulfates and colourants which can be damaging to hair. That's another great thing about GroHealthy. As well as not including the previous, there is no petrolatum, mineral oil or phthalates in any of its range.

Sulphates can be found in most shampoos as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which cleans the hair but can strip strands of their natural oils.  GroHealthy's Moisturising shampoo cleanses the hair and scalp without doing so.

Whether you're starting out or restarting your natural hair journey, make sure to include moisture in your hair regimen. It's essential to keep that mane healthy!

Natalie | @pursueinspire

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