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1 December 2016

Yes you are reading this correctly.
No, you do not need to go to Specsavers
And no, I am not crazy.

Going natural CAN save you money and it doesn't have to dip a hole in your shoe fund ;)
The mistake a lot of us make is becoming a product junkie.

Correct me if I'm wrong but it normally goes something like this:

-First you read a blog like this one or watch one YouTube video (or maybe 57) that ignites fire in your soul, and suddenly all you can think about is going out to the closest hair and beauty shop to collect at least 24 of the 30 products mentioned.

-So, naturally,  the next day, you go out with a pocket full of money and spend away going crazy on any product with the word natural on it.

-Then, you decide to try them all out at once, only to realise that many of them do not work for you. (Or you don't know how to use them yet). You become annoyed because now you have a cupboard full of hair products that you do not use. Not to mention you have essentially wasted a good percentage of your paycheck which could have gone towards that new handbag you like.
And now you think natural hair will always be expensive to maintain so you decide it's best to go back on the "creamy crack".

 Honeyyyy, it needn't be that way! Just follow a few simple rules and you will be whipping your kinks and curls everywhere!

The Commandments

1) Product Reviews

These can instantly help you to dismiss products that aren't likely to work for your hair. The best way to use product reviews is to watch those given by people who have your same hair type. If you are not familiar with the hair typing system, click here: Hair Type.
I have type 4 hair. I watch videos by females with all types of hair (even type 1), but I am selective of the information I apply to MY regimen.  There are girls who can do nothing and BAM, their hair grows fast. But for most of you reading this journal,  you have to show your hair a little more TLC.
Maybe also watch people with a similar lifestyle to your own if you can,  especially during periods such as pregnancy, where products and routines may change.

2) Natural Products

Okay, hear me out. Some products aimed at naturals aren't all natural, no surprise there. From conditioner to edge controls, there are chemicals and additives in many of your hair products, some less harmful than others. Not to worry, of course none of these are as detrimental as the creamy crack herself.

Reasons to use natural products
     •Inevitably, they are better for your hair. Unrefined extra virgin olive oil is better than Blue Magic Olive, which contains mineral oils, petroleum and all them devils.

     •Most of the time, they have multiple uses. Products such as natural Greek yoghurt,  mayonnaise, eggs, olive oil and coconut oil can be used on the hair, skin, nails, teeth (oil pulling) and in food! 

    •These are also more cost effective because you can use smaller amounts which will have longer effects, and so you won't have to restock as often. Also, if they don't work especially well on your hair,  you have tons of other uses, so nothing is wasted!

3) Don't Wait Till You're Desperate

Don't wait till the last minute in an awkward situation to restock, be prepared. If you are going on holiday to a place where you doubt you'll be able to find your staple products, plan before! No need to overspend because you didn't think ahead.

 P.S you get to save the $ you spend purchasing relaxer and paying the stylist! You're welcome.

That makes my three main tips. If you have any queries or extra tips, comment down below!

Peace & Afro love
 Bolu Noelle

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