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15 October 2016

If I could pick a celebrity to be my big sister (I’m the oldest of my siblings so don’t have the joys of having a big biological sister), it would Lupita Nyong'o. Yes she’s Kenyan-Mexican and I’m Ghanaian but I don’t care! We are all one big African family :D

It’s crazy how one moment in life can change everything! And one of those moments for Ms Nyong’o was for her part in Steve McQueen’s 2013 movie “12 years a slave”. All of a sudden, boom... there she was! She’s now become a household name and gone on to win many awards and been in some more amazing film such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the newer adaptation of The Jungle Book and newly released “Queen of Katwe”. What I admire about Lupita is her humbleness. She has not let success make her become arrogant. Also she always seems to be happy and smiling!

And oh my gosh can she slay (image sources from Google)!

One of my favourite things to date Lupita has done is inviting Vogue into her family home back in Kenya. I was SO happy when I saw the pictures from the article and the video with her parents. If you haven’t seen it, check it out below.

It’s like she’s made being a successful natural haired, dark skinned African woman seem more attainable in this day and age. Little girls will look at her and say to their families “it’s me on TV! She looks like me mummy/daddy!” and that’s so important. Representation is so important, across all cultures. Watch her iconic speech at Essence here where she talks about being inspired by Alek Wek:


This lady is absolutely inspiring in many ways and I’m looking forward to what the future has in store for her! May Lupita’s story be fuel for you to chase your dreams and remember, as she said in her Best Supporting Actress speech for 12 Years a Slave, “no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid”.

Thanks for reading!

Natalie | @pursueinspire

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