15 October 2016

Once every year, my church, Jubilee Church holds a function called International Day,which is all about celebrating your culture and individuality. I LOVE IT! We have had roughly 70 nations represented in one place, and it is amazing. Seeing people from completely different background being able to embrace their ethnicity is beautiful.

It's Black History Month, so I wanted to share this with you all and encourage you, not only this month, but also beyond to embrace all aspects of your culture fearlessly.

 Even from this tiny snippet of the 2015 celebration, showing some backing vocalists on stage, you can see the range of cultures. This was this years view from the stage:

Of course, we also celebrate our British Nationality and our country of living:

Here are some pictures of me and my church family celebrating our culture❤

The squad (missing Diego :( ) 

 Slaying with my homegirl aka Queen/Mum❤

 Oh and this was my attire for this year. 

ALWAYS remember to love and embrace your culture and personal style. Don't wait for celebratory events to feel like you can put on your traditional clothes or jewellery etc.
Don't wait for society to approve, style is always changing. Your traditions shouldn't.

Thanks for reading!
Much love,
Bolu Noelle x


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