17 October 2016

As it's Black History Month here in the UK, I sat down and thought about what it means to be a part of this beautiful race which can be hidden in the background. I hope the words you are about to read uplift and empower.

I am black. I am beautiful.
I am brought to life by God's light. 
I am nappy. I am powerful.
My being is filled with many wonders.

I am love. I am big lips.
My words assert authority.
I am intelligence. I am big hips.
My potential to birth something special is imminent.

I am black. I am heritage.
Respect my culture and uniqueness.
I am strong. I am shrinkage.
My ability to grow is not to be overlooked.

I am music. I am vibrance.
See my colours and sounds intertwine.
I am dance. I am confidence.
My actions speak a thousand words.

I am black. I shall not lack.
I am brainstorming. I am amazing.
I am creative. I am innovative.
I am wealth. I am health.

I am nature. I am Africa.
I am melanin. I am Caribbean.
I am universal. I am essential.
I am Gold. I am whole.

I am black.

Natalie SW - October 2016

Picture source: John Blaney 2010 - Summer of Love

Until next time, God bless!

Natalie | @pursueinspire

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