7 October 2018

"TALK"... truly is cheap; there is a big difference in talking about doing something and actually
putting your words into action. When this year began, I am sure most of us had some New Year resolutions written down and we were so eager to achieve all of what we had written down; some of us must have started the year well and right only for us to crash along the way, because life hit us with some realities.  Don't be discouraged or beat yourself up, just pick yourself up and continue from where you left off.  We are in the month of October, we have 2 months until the year is totally over, so don't give up or throw in the towel just yet, you can still make it.

        Yesterday there was avery big UFC fight that went down, between  a very famous and loud-mouthed Irish boxer Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov; before this much anticipated boxing match, there was a lot of 'talk' from McGregor, the Irish man had a lot to say to the Russian-Muslim and  he even called his manager a 'terrorist'; he even offered Khabib alcohol one time knowing he is a Muslim who doesn't drink. If you are familiar with how boxing matches work, there is always a hype period where the boxers basically get their fans all fired up for the big day. There are lots of press conferences and also lots of 'talk'. But with this particular match had way too many disrespectful 'talk'. McGregor lost the match and was jumped by Khabib's camp after the boxing match; everyone seems to be upset with what happened to McGregor but they are refusing to see the fact that the two opponents are from very different cultures and backgrounds and some words when used can be taken as a personal attack on the person.  Khabib on the other hand spent less time getting his fans all wild up by being disrespectful to this opponent; he understood the task at hand and fully concentrated on getting his fans the win they need from him; Whiles Khabib was putting his words into 'action' McGregor was busily 'talking'.It is one thing to get your fans fired up for the match and its a whole different ball game when you get religion and cultural differences involved; if you 'disrespect' someone's religious beliefs and basically trash everything they believe in, you are asking for a personal attack from everyone who shares the same belief as the person you spoke against' especially if you are in the public eye. McGregor did all that talking and still lost to Khabib, maybe the story would have been different if he spent more time in the gym preparing for the match.
     Life doesn't get easier, we just get better at dealing with our mishaps. And it will get more easier if we spend more time doing what we can to get our lives in a good shape instead of just talking about what we should do and do nothing about it. Don't talk about going on a diet; Go on that diet.. just don't talk about loosing weight, get into a gym and get on the treadmill, you gotta start from somewhere, the process wouldn't be easy.. but slowly and steadily, you will get to where you have to be. Don't give up no matter how difficult and impossible it might seem or look. You got this, Less talking.... More doing!!! Talk really is Cheap.. Actions aren't.

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