I haven't washed my hair in a year!

17 May 2017

I haven't Shampooed my hair in a year!

I haven't used shampoo on my hair for a year and my hair has never been better. I also barely ever put a comb or brush to my head but that is a story for another day, kids. Now before all of you start calling me dirty, I can already feel your judging eyes on me, I have been washing it but with conditioner I believe this is called a co-wash. I wash my natural locks with conditioner before deep conditioning it once every two weeks ( if I can summon the energy that is). The reason I have given shampoo the cold shoulder is because of how dry it can leave my hair feeling. Where as co-washing leaves my hair feeling moisturised without stripping away my hairs natural oils. I've also found that it defines my curls and makes my hair a lot easier to comb.
Shampoo free and my hair hasn't turned to mould!
The term 'sulfate-free' is a term I'm sure most of us have seen or heard on labels or in advertising. If you are wondering what exactly sulfates are, you are not alone in asking that. Sulfates are detergents, used to cleanse, they can be found in in soaps, which is why some labels may claim to be 'soap free', usually referring to the absence of sulfates. If you look on the back of your shampoo, face washes or body washes you may find sodium lauryl sulfate or ammonium lauryl sulfate, these are two of the most common sulfates you'll find. Sulfates are great for really, getting rid of dirt and product build up, however, they can really leave your hair dry and sometimes even cause split ends. Sulfate free shampoos won't completely wash away your hairs moisture. So, who should use sulfate free shampoos you may be wondering? Well, if you're someone who dyes their hair commonly sulfate free is the best option for you. As Afro-curly/kinky hair is naturally coarser, prone to dryness and fragile its in its best interest to avoid products which can further enhance the dryness or fragility.
When your hair is shampoo free and poppin'

A natural alternatives to shampoo is applying a tablespoon of baking soda on your wet scalp and rinsing followed by rinsing with apple cider vinegar. Whilst I haven't tried this technique personally, I have heard great things and I know some people aren't ready to remove the cleansing stage out of wash day just yet.

As for how I manage to avoid combing my hair, I will let you know soon.

Until next time,

Chengetai Victoria

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