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20 April 2017

Hey loves!
As you will know, our team of bloggers have been working with the amazing GroHealthy.
They're an affordable, clean brand with products suitable for natural and relaxed hair too!

Today, I'll be showing you how I get my sleek low puff style using the Shea and Coconut GroHealthy range. This is one of my favourite styles as its so easy and quick to do and low maintenance making it a protective style- perfect for the cold winter!
This style is also great for various hair textures and hair lengths too.
This is the full range:

Here's how I achieved the style:

-On freshly washed and stretched hair, I applied Gro Healthy Frizz Fighter  to smooth out my hair. I then add their Curling Custard. NEW PRODUCT ALERT-THIS IS LIFE! Like, the curls just start popping out of nowhere! And it moisturises your strands at the same time.
I rub this into my hair and I don't even have to finger coil each strand-the product works wonders just by simply applying it.

The next step is optional and depends on your desired outcome; if you have more time and want even more curl definition, you can follow this step.

-Section your hair into 6-8 while applying the above mentioned products and twist or flat-twist your hair in these sections. Allow the products to dry about 80% before taking down the twists. They can be left in overnight.

-Create your middle or side part using a rat-tail comb. Using a soft bristle brush, brush your hair as flat as possible towards the back of your head. Use medium sized bobby pins to sure each section of hair into place, creating your desired shape of puff. You can the add a large hair tie, but don't tie it round too many times as it shrinks the puff size! Wrap it just enough for it to secure the shape of your puff.

-Add the Shea and Coconut Edge Control to the perimeter on your hair and brush to add more sleekness to your style and get those edges LAID. You can also use this product to slick down baby hairs if that's your style!

-Add a satin scarf around your heading (excluding the puff so as not to flatten it) and VOILA!
An easy, sleek style that's suitable for parties, school, work- you name it!

And on top off all that goodness- your hair smells like mangoes and holiday and love and joy

Thanks for reading!
Bolu Noelle

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