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5 April 2017

"Beautiful little fools, that's what us girls are destined for.."

These are lyrics from a song by young West Midlands-born babes Jorja Smith, inspired by the Great Gatsby in which Daisy implied that at best, that's what we girls could aim to be- beautiful little fools.
And with a society over taken by social media, obsessed with appearance and praising those who focus on their aesthetics, it seems that's what we're getting closer to.


Maybe not. Maybe we were destined for something greater than being called "peng" or "sexy". Perhaps there's more in life we can achieve than just being a beauty.

From London to Warwick, I've been surrounded by so many gorgeous, smart women. Beautiful Little Intellects. Amongst them and beyond, I've seen the art of the most unique and creative ladies.. Beautiful Little Creatives.
Beautiful Little Artists, Psychologists, Historians, Politicians, Bloggers, Makeup Artists, Businesswomen, Hair Stylists, Waitresses, Receptionists, CEO's, Secretaries, Bankers, Stylists, Engineers...
All of them, all of us beautiful.

We are capable and we are entitled to be more than a pretty face.

And we can put on all our make up (God knows I will, girl-and I'll listen to trap music whilst doing so) but consider-
Applying a lipstick of compliments, a mascara that causes your vision not to judge based off what you see. Let your foundation encompass integrity and kindness.

And for all you girls that haven't mastered your winged liner or found the perfect match foundation- I promise you that people who judge your character based off your appearance do not matter.
Not at all.
Stop it.

And don't go thinking that girls who do have their liner fleeking and their hair done 24/7 have their lives together- don't go putting people on pedestals and putting yourself down. We are all babygirls who need love and support from each other, not side eye and shade. Like, do you know how powerful we'd be if we uplifted each other? Let's try that.

Love and light,
Bolu Noelle

my love is very special, lol bye

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