4 February 2017

So Christmas is long gone and we are well into 2017. I'm sure getting rid of the Christmas weight has been HIGH PRIORITY on our goal lists, but for some of us going to the gym is a chore and a burden on our finances.

Can I introduce a cheap, even free way, to stay in shape? 

YouTube. Yeah I said it. YouTube!

Most of us go onto YouTube for hair or make up tutorials but maybe not so much for exercises (if you do, share with a friend!) I, for one, have been making use of this gem more recently at home (just about every three days with a rest day and personal strength exercises in between) and I've really had to push myself to be consistent. Even though it's free, I find myself sitting down for 30 minutes saying "I don't want to exercise" and eventually convince myself it'll be worth it in the end to tone this food baby-fied figure.

The beauty of signing up to the gym is (hopefully) you are more motivated to go. Why? Because you've paid and if you don't use the facilities essentially you're wasting money. The beauty of exercising with YouTube is that you can do work outs from home for free. Both require the motivation to get up and get going, which can be easy or hard depending on our mindset and your goals.

So since I've been speaking about YouTube workouts, let me share some of the videos I have been using/used.

Recently I've been starting off with Tiffany Rothe for a warm up and Kearia Lashae's dance videos like this African inspired one as the main workout, as well as her cool down via BeFit. They're energetic, fun, encouraging and very challenging. For me that's what exercise needs to be! I have also worked out with the guys at FitnessBlender, in addition to this home exercise video with DeStorm.

If you use the Tube of You to keep fit, who are you watching? Whose work out would you recommend? If you gym, what equipemnt are you using? Have you got a personal trainer? Does money increase your motivation to go o the gym? Let us know below in the comments.

Also to point out that having a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a balanced diet helps with hair health just as much as it does your body as a whole. Let's take care of ourselves. After all if we don't have our health, how can we live life to it's fullest?

Stay blessed and don't forget to comment below!

Natalie | Pursue:Inspire

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