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28 September 2016

The weather's changed, September has come and so a new season is officially here. (I'm currently writing this during a 33 degree heatwave, so I'm lying really).

New seasons bring change all around us and also a change within us.
A lot of people at this time in the year would have forgotten all about those 2016 goals and resolutions; much fewer people are claiming 2016 as "their year". And some are frankly just waiting for December 31st to come around again to give it a second shot.

The thing is-- the year isn't quite over. A whole 3 and a half months remain.
You have another chance.
As long as you've woken up this morning, you have been given another chance to smile more, dream bigger, work harder,

This isn't just a new season for the trees to shed their leaves, it is a new season for me and you too. This was highlighted by a new series in church called-The Winning Spirit.

Enter your new season boldly and confidently. Have a fighting spirit (please don't go and jump somebody- I mean 'fighting' as in, you keep pushing and don't give up/let things consume you).
Other features of a winning spirit are calmness, resilience, positivity and courageousness.

All in all, be filled with faith.

The opposite of faith is fear. A fearful spirit is restless, defeated, negative and broken. Whatever you do,  do NOT allow yourself to be any of these things. Pray, meditate work against them.

And remember Psalm 65:11: He crowns the year with goodness, his path overflows with abundance and prosperity.♥

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