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26 September 2016


Okay I'm done. Anyway, I've been doing faux locs fora while as a style I absolutely LOVE.
It still hasn't gone out of fashion (I don't think it ever will), so I decided to write a blog telling you tips and tricks you can use when doing them and also the pros and cons of faux locs.
  • If you're doing single faux locs the traditional way, you must know that it is a full day (maybe even a 2 day) job. One great way of saving time is by not covering your head with full single braids.
    A lot of people waste time by installing full length Box Braids all over their head before wrapping to form locs. Instead, just do pick and drop. This is where you section the hair as though you are doing box braids, add extensions but only braids for one or two inches down the hair to secure it on place before wrapping.
  • Use Kanekelon Hair to braid and Marley Hair to wrap.
    Along with the time taken for faux locs, the price can start to weigh on your wallet if you use pricey hair. My 2nd tip is to use cheap Kanekelon Hair for the pick and drop underneath, and use Kinky Hair for the wrapping. I'm not too sure about the States, but here in London at least, kinkier textures cost at least double if not triple the price of Kanekelon hair. Alternatively, you coulkd use Kanekelon Hair (such as Xpressions) all over the hair.
  • Another reason to use Kinky Hair to wrap is that it holds together better than the smoother texture of Kanekelon Hair. All 4 times I have done faux locs on myself, I used Kanekelon hair to braid underneath AND to wrap.  I like the look as the locs look silky. Some people may not prefer this as it doesn't look as natural.
    However, when I do the style on clients, I normally use Kinky Hair for wrapping.
  • Two Styles at Once: Two out of 4 times when I did faux locs, I wore box braids as a style for 2/3 weeks before wrapping them to become faux locs! What's great is that when you loc the hair it looks fresh, as it you've just got it done from scratch. Also, by doing each style individually, it takes less time.

-Once they grow out, the don't look raggedy like twists and braids, they look even more natural! (DISCLAIMER: Please don't keep your hair in for 6 months and I say it looks cute. It doesn't. Flies are laying eggs. Stop it.)
-They are a great protective style as they actually conceal your hair all the way round. Twists and braids leaves bits of your hair exposed.
-You WILL get called Queen. Or Empress. Maybe even Goddess.

-Time taken to install
-The strain on your NECK. LISTEN TO ME.
HOWEVER>>>> These 2 cons can be solved by doing crotchet locs. Search the hashtag on Instagram or Pinterest to see some more examples. You can buy packs of premade locs at most beauty shops.
The only potential negative is that, depending on the braiding pattern underneath the crotchets, your styling options may be limited e.g you may not be able to do certain parting or wear your hair half up half down if cornrows will be exposed.

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