27 February 2018

So I initially wanted to do a review of black panther but then I realized a review is supposed to be objective and mine will be biased. Biased because as a fan of superhero movies i have waited for such a movie. So to see a movie full of superheros that I can identify with physically and culturally is such a big deal and I wasn't about to point out the few flaws it had, instead I am going to talk about the excellence that is Black Panther.
First of all can we talk about that accent kudos to all the Actors they did an amazing job!. Watching the movie you can tell everyone involved in the making of this movie did their research. The beautiful country that is Wakanda was portrayed beautifully. From the clothing to their mannerisms. You can clearly see the richness of African culture and the regal royalty from the king to the Queen mother. I was soo proud watching. They did all of the above whilst still giving an inspiring story about unity and the power in coming together for a good cause. From the light banter among the characters to the some real badass fight scenes, this movie was amazing to watch.The wows and claps throughout the movie is a testament to it's brilliance.

And can we talk about the women in this movie. They were strong, fierce,  powerful and allowed to assume their positions without question. It was soo refreshing to see how they weren't fighting for a place, playing damsels in distress or subservient roles but rather they played an equal part in saving their country and fighting for the people they love.

This movie is important to me because it gives me hope. The city of Wakanda although fictional shows the beauty that is Africa and we might not have caught up to the technology yet but we do have the rich minerals and the Amazing culture. For me it shows the Africa that could have been and can be. So for those of you wondering why we are making noise about this movie. We do because Black panther signifies the Africa we see and it's about damn time everyone else saw it too. Have you seen the movie?let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

                                  Love, Neera.

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