21 June 2017

Hello lovely Naturels! How are we doing?

For the last 3 months or so I’ve been comparing two similar methods after washing my hair: LOC & LCO. For those of you who are not familiar with these acronyms:

L = Leave in
O = Oil
C = Cream

The letters are in order of application to the hair after washing!

But why did I start doing this in the first place? I am trying my best to discover the best methods for moisture retention and after seeing a friend’s snap about LOC I thought I’d try it using the products I had at home at the time!

For about a month I used the Cantu, ORS and Shea Moisture in that order but I didn’t feel like it was of much benefit to my stands. They just felt more or less the same in terms of dryness. Then I remembered that I had also heard about doing the leave in first, then cream then oil so I tried it… and have been doing it ever since. For some reason the slight altering in order works so well for me and I have definitely felt and seen an improve in the health of my hair. In addition, I’m sure my hair has been growing a bit quicker than usual (although shrinkage is real)!

During the week, I will aim to spritz my hair with water every day and every 3 days LCO again, sometimes replacing the Cantu with GroHealthy and the Shea Moisture with Cantu. I do find that using the Shea Moisture Smoothie more than once a week results in quite a bit of build up as it is quite thick.

When doing LCO/LOC I normally split my hair into four sections (the same sections I use when shampooing and conditioning) and apply the leave in, then the cream and finally the oil to one section at a time, before splitting into smaller parts and twisting.

Have you tried the LOC or LCO methods? Which one do you prefer and why? Are there any specific products you would recommend? Let us know below!

Until next time Naturels!

Natalie | @pursueinspire

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