6 June 2017

I love the multipurpose aspect of some products. For example using eyeshadow as a lipstick pigment. Treating your hair with edible oils, using herbs and spices to cleanse skin...

When I received my Shea and Coconut lovelies and read the pamphlet that came with it, I stumbled across something interesting with the oil which was exclusive to the rest of the range. Though it's main usability is for hair, it also said that it was great for skin.

Recently I've been getting back into cleansing my face with pure coconut oil and thought... hey why not try with the Shea and Coconut Oil I have! Keep reading for find out how I use it and my results!

First thing's first... a clean face is essential. I've generally been using baby wipes and found them to work quite well. However I have found when I’ve used make up just using coconut oil and wiping off (via watching YouTube and doing research) to be quicker and more effective.

When my face is clear I put a thin layer of the Shea & Coconut Oil on my face, avoiding my eyes and run my face towel under hot water before squeezing it out.

I place the hot face towel on my face for about 30 seconds to steam and then gently wipe off.

Normally after I do this with just coconut oil I have to use a moisturiser as my face feels a bit dry. It was the same for the Shea and Coconut oil but my skin did feel soft and clean.

One noticeable benefit of the Shea and Coconut Oil over pure coconut oil is the smell! I love the smell of coconut oil but when it’s lingering for 2 days even with washing your face daily... it’s a bit much! With the GroHealthy Oil the smell is minimal and it doesn’t stay. I also think the added benefits of Omega3 and Shea Butter of maintaining smooth and healthy skin is a wonderful bonus!
I find this as affective as pure coconut oil and would definately use it again as a cleanser!

Natalie @PursueInspire | Curls Au-Naturel

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