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30 May 2017

My favourite thing about wash day is the aftermath – the feeling of freshly shampooed and moisturised hair. It makes my feel lighter and fresher. My least favourite thing is wash day itself! It can be a long task, especially when you’re tired or go through the whole routine including pre-pooing, etc. It does make it easier when you’ve got good products to use.

I normally part my hair in a minimum of 4 sections whilst washing and shampooing as it’s easier to manage that way and also reduces knottng. I find that the GroHealthy Shea & Coconut shampoo doesn’t dry out my hair like other shampoos have in the past. I definitely don’t have that annoying and teeth clenching squeak that occurs when some shampoos literally strip every bit of oi from your hair.


Sticking to my four original sections, I condition my hair section by section and then leave in for about 45 minutes under cling film. The Moisture Rich Conditioner does rid my hair of any dry feeling I get from shampooing and I really love the smell! After the 45 minutes, I remove the cling film and rinse my hair in cool water.

I follow up the rinse with the GroHealthy Shea and Coconut Leave in conditioner (left on my hand) and the Flat Out Frizz fighter (right on my hand), twisting my hair in small sections. I really do like the combination of the two products moisturising my hair and making it feel nice and soft. Also the consistency of both is light, with Frizz Fighter being a bit thicker, therefore not weighing my hair down.

Wash Day Complete! And a happy me!

Natalie | @PursueInspire

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