6 March 2017

Happy Monday lovelies! 

Also Happy 60TH Ghana Independence to any fellow Ghanaians reading! 

Waaaaaaay back in a January post I mentioned that one of my hair goals was “to maintain healthy hair by looking at past experiences, doing research and implementing a consistent routine”. When you first go natural after perming, naturally you start to look for products that will work will with your “new” texture as your old products may not work on your hair as well. Part of my journey was making a list of different ingredients which were great for hair and the reasons why. I then started purchasing different oils and butter and make my own homemade products according to what qualities I wanted to bring out in my hair (back then it was mostly fast growth). 

I lost that discipline (and actually maybe that list) over the years but it’s something I’ve been wanting to relive to two reasons:

1) I get to pick what goes in my hair creams
2) I don’t become a product junkie haha!

However this time round instead of focusing on what I want to bring out in my hair, I want to think about what my hair NEEDS! That really should be the primary thought that drives us to research and buy products that will benefit our hair’s health, instead of just jumping on the latest hair trend. What should I be looking for in terms of hair needs? What question should I be asking to narrow down my search? Here are a few suggestions/pointers:

How porous in my hair?
Is my hair fine or coarse?
Is my hair always dull looking?
How well does it retain moisture?
Is my scalp intolerant to anything?
Does my hair break easily? If yes, why?

There are so many more questions you could ask but I’ll leave the suggestions there. When you have answers to your questions, you can go ahead and do your research. Read books and blogs on natural hair, google keywords such as “oils for moisturising natural hair” and note down your findings. This will help you to make more informed decisions when picking and trialling what’s best for you, as well as making notes on what didn’t work.

I must say that I can’t completely knock jumping trends as through that I found out my scalp does not like pure coconut oil at all! They’re just not compatible.

As much as hair has been categorized from 1 to 4c, no two people in the same banding’s hair is identical. We all have specific needs depending on how we look after our tresses and our genetic make up.

Happy researching!

Natalie | @pursueinspire

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